Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nudists, and Streakers Come Together

A very important day is coming up here in Australia too, it's Australia Day, which celebration-wise feels most similar to July 4th in the U.S. In honor of Australia day, Vegemite has found a way to pay tribute to its many eaters. You can now officially categorize yourself when eating Vegemite. The following was taken from Vegemite's website:

The Streaker TitleThe Streaker Type

Doesn't like having much on. Vegemite, that is. Gives the toast just a couple of light streaks of Vegemite. Too frugal, they don't realise you can never have too much of a good thing.

The Crumpeter TitleThe Crumpeter Type

Saying 'no' to convention, they prefer crumpets over toast. Likes to watch black holes forming as the Vegemite melts away into the crumpet's craters. Definitely likes to think outside the square.

The Redback TitleThe Redback Type

Can't decide whether they want a salad or breakfast, Redback eaters do both with a couple of juicy tomato slices on top of their Vegemite. Not wanting to miss out on anything, they go for both sweet and savoury.

The Nudist TitleThe Nudist Type

The purist of all Vegemite eaters. No butter. No marg. Just a piece of toast and the world's mightiest spread. What more do you need? They are Zen-like and remain calm under pressure.

My three year is "The Streaker".



Karen said...

So far you are the only other person I have read that had problems with the "and now they are praying". I don't understand when we are supposed to separate church and state the inauguration is like a church service, invocation and benediction include.
And I still do not understand what vegemite is. LOL!

A Free Man said...

Don't forget the rest of it:

When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away.

Can't stand Vegemite - but Zach's learning to love it.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Karen- Yeah, I just don't understand why they do that. Vegemite is like mystery spread.

A Free Man- It seems the younger you get em on the Vegemite, the better they like it. I still have not tried it.

formerly fun said...

Did you ever see that movie Dave, the one with Kevin Klien playing the look-a-like standin of the real president? Do you remeber the scene where he sits down with cabinet people and other important stuffy types to look over the budget and he just rolls up his sleeves and figures out what needs to get cut...he just fixes shit left and right with common sense.

Anyhow, is it wrong that I want Obama's presidency to be like that?

Mark said...

Thanks for the fun cliff notes on the inauguration and the insight on streakers and nudists, ha.

David said...

I have no problem with an invocation - didn't care for Mr. Saddleback though.

I respectfully disagree. The poem sucked, even though I ordinarily like E Alexander.

Aretha's hat came as no surprise - she often wears dramatic custom made creations.

Cheers and Happy Australia Day on Monday

nb said...

I really enjoy the curiosity that your blog entries rouse in me - I searched for pink salt, I made peanut butter & jelly cookies, and now I have a strong urge to try vegemite - Not sure what my status might be, or if I'll even like it at all, but thanks for the inspiration.

Gypsy said...

I really liked the poem, but the way she read it had me falling asleep.

nursemyra said...

I'm a crumpet :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

FF- Totally.

Mark- Thanks for stopping by.

David- Thanks and are you the David that's moving here?

nb- nina? or who are you?

Gypsy- She gave new meaning to monotone, right?

Nursemyra- No, I'm a crumpet. I don't even eat Vegemite, but it sounded fun to say I was a crumpet.

PamelaRose said...

I love reading your blog....don't hold anything back! Very clever girl. (you may think i am extremely prejudiced here though, of course, i think i am only stating the obvious)

nb said...

yep, it's nina-lisa....thanks again for inspiring me to try new things : ) Hope that all is well!

Marvin the Martian said...

I skipped the inaugural circus, but I saw Retha singing. I wondered why she'd stapled a big Christmas bow on her head. My wife said she was grateful that Michelle Obama set the fashion tone by NOT wearing a big loud hat, as black women used to do 30 or 40 years ago.

JPCK said...

FF--I love that movie Dave!
And, I totally miss Australia Day! I never thought you could feel patriotic toward another country...but you CAN! Yes we CAN!!

Corrina said...

I think I have asked you before, but I'm old and forgetful, what does Vegemite taste like? I'm half tempted to order some online just to find out.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Pammy- I'm a loaf of bread. No you are.

NB- What are you trying?? I wish I could call you right now, but it's only 6am your time, the clock always does that to me. Damn.

Marvin- I'm not really into hats, I'm glad she skipped it too.

JCPK- I'm totally looking forward to Australia Day-- I made Anzac biscuits tonight!! They were awesome. I'm feeling some Australian spirit this time around :).

Corrina- I haven't tried Vegemite, but I've heard it's very salty. Today my 5 year old said he ate something called salos? -- I guess it's vegemite on crackers?? I'm still trying to figure it out. But anyway, I would not order any Vegemite, apparently it's a VERY acquired taste.

Ali said...

I don't even care if there were monkeys dancin with Aretha Franklin during the inauguration as far as the Bushes and chenney are out! God save America and the world, if they come again, you guys should move to Canada!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Ali- I totally agree.

nina bellina said...

Hi Fluffy - I finally found Murray River pink salt, I baked the pbj cookies that you posted on your foodie blog (at the risk of sounding entirely Rachel Ray....DELISH!!!!), and I am perversely curious about vegemite, although after re-reading your current and previously posted comments regarding the mysterious spread, I may just hold out until I can come and get some first hand vegemite thoughts from your super hero son : ) I would accept a 6am call from you any day - Hope that we speak again soon - I miss you MADLY - Love to all, NLB

nina bellina said...

oh, also.... Happy Australia Day, my expatriate friend!!! Will you be posting posting a recipe for Anzac biscuits? You really are my inspiration for cookies, and so much more : )

Bluestreak said...

When is Aussie day? did I miss it?

Never did get the whole vegemite thing. I think it's the same thing with Americans and peanut butter. Other people just don't get our love of the stuff.

JD at I Do Things said...

HAW! I wondered how you were going to work in nudism and Obama. I actually did watch the Inauguration nude (and plan to blog about it).

I've never tried Vegemite ANY of those ways. I'm glad your son eats it so I don't have to.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Nina Bellina- I am going to call you at like 7am today probably if I remember (that's 11pm my time)-- and yes I made Anzac biscuits-- or bikkies as they say here-- they were awesome.

Bluestreak- It was this past Monday, I was all Aussie-ed out, it was rad.

JD- Isn't that the only way to way inaugurations?? Be glad someone else is eating the Vegemite for you!

O'Neal (The Woman In Charge Around Here) said...

Initially when I first heard the word vegemite, I thought it was one Kelly's made up words in her funky Australian lingo, but since you said it it must be something real. So, please PLEASE tell me what in the world is it????

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

O'Neal- Vegemite is some kind of yeast extract-- no clue what the hell that means. But I can say that it is a very thick sticky brown spread which is very salty. Sounds delicious right? haha.