Friday, January 16, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear You,

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've needed some time to organize my thoughts, actually... I still do. I've got so many stories flying around in my head that I can't focus on one of them long enough to form a complete sentence.

This trip comforted me. Possibly due to the lengthy duration of our trip or the one-on-one time I spent with my peeps-- for whatever reason, I am back, and I am happy.

I return to Australia
now knowing that I can have a life in Sydney, and still maintain a life in the U.S. You might think I'm kidding myself, and that's okay, keep it to yourself.

Love, Me

Here are some photos from our trip:

Dualing Barbers  by you.
My Norman Rockwell moment. Carl's Barber Shop Davie, Florida

Hollywood Beach, FL (Land O' Tanorexic Senior Citizens)

In the Trunk by you.
Roadtrip to Orlando.

Sportacus by you.
Superheroes know no country.

Cooking with Grandma by you.
Cooking with Grandma. Me likey cookies.

Grampa Norty's Happy Place by you.
In fourteen years I have never seen my father-in-law's face light up as it did when he played with our new Lucky the Wonder Pup. He has since gone out and bought one for himself.

Twins by you.

Happy Carmax Lady by you.
The CarMax lady who gave us da money for da car. She was a real peach.

Leaving Florida In Style by you.
Leaving Florida in style, yeah dawg.



Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

I love this entry Laura. It felt so heart warming, especially when you called us bitches and told us to take our panties off. I love you. And I am so glad you feel so good about the trip. Next time I am coming at the end though, not at the beginning. <3

Christine said...

What great pictures! It looks so nice and sunny and warm there. Oh wait, they were taken here. Be glad you left when you did, it's like 4 degrees.
I look forward to the stories!

Rassles said...

That haircut picture is. fucking. priceless.

I want you back. Almost as badly as I want a taco right now. And that is bad.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jill- Totes, next time you come later during our visit and make a better dessert, righto?

Christine- I love the cold weather, so I'm bummed that I didn't get any in Florida! It's funny that Sydney is probably cooler today than Ft. Lauderdale is-- and it's summer here-- and it is GORGEOUS here today (mid 70's??).

Rassles- Thanks! I'm so glad to be back and watch out, it's gonna get crazy with the stories I've got to tell. Um, actually let me manage expectations a little better than that. I have some stories to tell-- I hope you like them. I want a taco too.

Erin said...

I'm so glad you are back Laura. More importantly I'm glad you had a great trip! I too had a bit of a confronting trip to the US myself. Seems each trip I learn something more, walk away with a different perspective. It is all about balance. I'm glad you are finding it... just like me! Look forward to all your amusing stories and photos. No doubt there will be many. Oh and they are already off. Ha. ;-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Erin- Hey, so we've got to make a plan now to meet up! I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip too.

People in the Sun said...

I'm not a bitch. And I don't wear panties. I have manly underwear.

Other than that, thank you for the love letter. Unless the love letter was to Florida, in which case I take it back.

I think only an expat at the other end of the world can look at Florida and think, "Ha, finally something that makes sense!"

Oh, and welcome back home.

nursemyra said...

ooh so glad you're back. that car lady looks like she swallowed a lemon

danielle said...

great photos! glad to hear your trip was positive and didn't leave you feeling any other way than you do (does that make sense?) Anyway, looking forward to your stories!!

A Free Man said...

That bit about having a life in Sydney and maintaining a life in the U.S. - that's good to know. Any tips about how you do that would be great.

Dianne said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, Laura...and I'm living proof that you CAN have a life in the US as well as in Australia. Just, sometimes it's hard, ya know?

Anyways, I'm just about to head out to California for FIVE WEEKS! Hooray! Hot, hot, hot, here in the Southern Highlands, but winter in San Francisco Bay Area. I'll need to take some warm woolies!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Free Man- I think because we are fortunate enough to be able to go back for 5-7 weeks a year and we still have our house there-- it does feel like we still have our life there, which I wasn't expecting, but am very happy about.

Dianne- My sister lives in SanFran and I don't think she ever can leave the house without a scarf. I love that-- I'm a cold weather girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God you crack me up...I love reading your postings. And what is up with Carol the Car Max lady? She gives us Carols a bad name...I'm usually much happier to make a sale!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Carol Anonymous- Are you MY Carol, glassbreaking ninja extraordinaire?

suzinoz said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Can't wait to hear all your tales. Can't believe the Car Max lady! Yikes!!!

Marvin the Martian said...

Excellent pix! The Carmax lady is a scream. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time!

Ali said...

Oh, you made me miss Florida so much! I'm planning a visit this spring

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Suz in Oz- Thanks, yeah she was a trainee too and it took forever!

Marvin- It was a great trip, and it was totally rude the way I just whipped the camera out on that lady, she probably thought I was with an investigative tv show.

Ali- Wish I was going this spring! But then again, the December weather was so nice in FL I'll be glad to go again in "winter".

Gypsy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back online. :)

Kristie said...

Love the photos. For a minute when I saw the CarMax lady I thought to myself "is she at the DMV" Scary.

Corrina said...


Your kids are adorable and that CarMax lady looks like she needs a stiff one. Take your pick.

More, please. :-) Thanks!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gypsy- Thanks!

Kristie- And did I mention the Carmax lady was a trainee?

Corrina- hahaha! totally.

Kristie said...

No, you did not mention she was a trainee. That is even scarier. Do you think they told her in her training class that not only does she need wear a uniform, the CarMax shirt as well as a scowl???