Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lucky 2009

From 11:15-11:35pm tonight on CBS4 in South Florida, the following was the commercial line up which featured a few short spatterings of news thrown in for variety:
  1. Volvo
  2. Movie: Bedtime Stories
  3. BMW
  4. BMW South Motors
  5. Nissan
  6. Movie: Not Easily Broken
  7. Jeep Chrysler Sell-a-Thon
  8. BMW South Motors
  9. Movie: Seven Pounds
  10. Acura
  11. Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  12. Esserman Nissan, a commercial starring a name fully befitting of the commercial, Chris Assmar-- the accent should be placed on the Ass syllable.
  13. Movie: Gran Turino
  14. BMW South Motors
  15. A Big Wheels commercial, or not?
  16. Saturn
  17. Honda Happy Honda Days
  18. Movie: Mall Cop
  19. Toyota-thon of all Toyota-thons!
  20. ToysRUs, oops-- it was actually an Acura commercial disguised as a commercial for toys
It's almost more incredible to see them listed here in their entirety, than it was to watch them all. And yes, we actually rewound the Tivo to document the quantity and content of the commercials. Apparently, someone thinks 2009 will be the year to buy a car or see a movie.

And now, forty-five minutes into David Letterman, I think the first non-movie/ car commercial just came on-- I am dying here-- it was for Viagra! It's like I had almost forgotten how persistent the American marketing machine is. I think that will be another thing I will appreciate more when I get back to Australia, the underwhelming volume and intensity of Australian advertising.


On a separate note, as we enter a new year I thought I'd share this study about
why some people are luckier than others. featured on Yahoo News today. This is something I often think about and for the most part I lived my life around, until moving to Australia. The last year I have really fallen short in the positive attitude department, so in 2009 I plan to come home to my true self. It's time to celebrate and appreciate.

On second thought, having kids and a husband all sick with colds and/or strep throat with only 10 days left in America is a real buzz kill, maybe I'll start on my road to recovery when the antibiotics are finished.



jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!

2009 Fireworks show

JD at I Do Things said...

I literally cannot watch TV in "real" time anymore. I don't have Tivo, but I do tape everything I watch, even if it's a half-hour sit-com.

And I HATE that "Big-Wheel/car" commercial and its variants. I don't even know why.


JD at I Do Things

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jupiter- Thanks!

JD- It was so funny, my husband didn't know the Big Wheels commercial was for Lexus (he just arrived last week from Australia-- he hasn't caught up yet)-- I was totally cracking up when he realized it wasn't actually a Big Wheels ad!

A Free Man said...

I KNOW! We've been watching the American version of The Office on DVD. A half hour show is only 20 minutes long. ONE THIRD of the program live on air is ads! That's insane. I thought the ads were bad here, but nothing compared to the U.S. When are you back in Oz?

BTW, I think I'm in Sydney in March for a course, we should meet up if time permits.

Teresi Family Blog said...

Don and I were just talking about this - the number and intensity of commercials here is nothing compared to the US. No Billy Mays screaming at us to buy OxyClean or OrangoGlo. Although I do sort of miss the ShamWow guy.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Free Man- Yeah, it really is insane--and the number of infomercials, I don't remember there being this many-- but maybe I was desensitized to them?

Ana- We arrive back in Sydney on Sunday. No luck on those bandaids-- can only find character bandaids in Bandaid brand-- I bought a bunch if you want some! Do you need Benadryl??

Christine said...

I can't watch TV anymore without the DVR - Even if I'm watching something in real time, I pause it, go do something else for a while and then come back 15-20 minutes later so I can fast forward through commercials.
I hope you're having a great time (other than the sickness- hope the antibiotics kicked it). I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back!

Rassles said...

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I am one of the unluckier people, and yes, I know it's because I'm extremely unobservant.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I generally just sort of 'zone out' during commerical breaks. Or I play on my blackberry.

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Greetings from an Australian blogger.

Marvin the Martian said...

Happy New Year!

Do you think the car dealers are hurting? I do. And I'm glad. Morons. I love my 14-year-old Camry more every day.

Thank God for Tivo. I won't watch TV without it. I'm not sure I've seen an actual commercial in its entirety for the last three months at least.

mistika said...

I just found your blog and is very nice. I am from Miami although I being all over the place now.

Corrina said...

I've noticed that TV shows are really only 40 minutes long (if it's supposed to be an hour) or 20 if it's labled as 30, to fit in all the jackass commercials. Note to advertisers: We're still broke fuckers!

I love venting on your awesome blog.


nursemyra said...

so you're back in town now? must be time for another blog post.....

Marvin the Martian said...

Okay, enough slacking. Time to start blogging again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL. The commercials haven't bothered me so much (I don't know about Sydney, but Adelaide has THE world's most annoying commercials of any place I could imagine), but I'm still trying to catch up on how FAST people talk on the TV and radio! I was watching Keith Olberman the other night (can't believe I've been missing this!) and was always about 3 sentences behind. I'm a fast talker-- or at least I was until I moved to Australia and life started moving at a snail's pace-- but I'm definitely going to have to reacclimate.
Glad to see you back posting. You crack me up.
And don't worry; I have tons of Aussie stuff still to post. I've been quite slack the past 6 weeks, what with the move and all.

opinioneater said...

Now that I've been back in the U.S. for 3 weeks and 3 days, I am so totally over all the drug commercials. Do people actually pay attention to that shit?
I guess that's all anyone wants to buy these days... keep medicated and maybe we'll forget we're going to hell in a handbasket!
Hmmm... and that last comment by anon was me-- not sure why I didn't register.