Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Little Tease

Leaving Australia for our big vacation by you.

I'm in Florida and having far too much fun and way too little internet access to fill you in on the stories to date. Upon my return to Australia I will have a lot to fill everyone in on, so in the meantime I'm hoping this list will give you a glimpse into what I've been doing for the last four weeks.

List of blog post titles to be written upon my return to Australia:
  • My Sister is Dating a Man Who is My Dad, But Don't Worry... She's Still a Lesbian
  • Don't Put Toxic Paint on my Swingset. Um, alright... make sure you do two coats.
  • Ducks Who Live in Florida Parking Lots
  • The UnGaying
  • Things I Miss in Australia
  • 100 Ways I'm Helping the U.S. Economy (all involve Marshalls, TJMaxx, Target and Costco)
  • What Happens When Your Five Year Old Tells Someone to "Shut Up"

And I'll leave with one more list...

The Top 5 Reasons to Not Take a Roadtrip with Preschool aged boys:
  1. The whining.
  2. You want them to fall asleep, but hope they won't pee in their pants in their carseats.
  3. Apparently Waffle House uses really cheap styrofoam cups, but at least the sweet tea (that's a southern thing, right y'all?) blended into the beige car mats.
  4. Are we there yet?
  5. You run out of empty threats about half way there.

We're in Orlando conquering the Mouse of all mice.
Miss you. Love you. Kisses.



Ali said...

The after vacation blogging is gonna be as hot as an Australian summer ;) Can't wait to hear your stories, its great that you are helping the US economy at Traget;) did you notice how cheap the US is when compared to anywhere else?

Natasha said...

Looking forward to hearing all those stories! I've missed your blog haha. :) Glad you're having fun!!!

Karen said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods! I sure hope you are having a wonderful trip!

Rassles said...

"My Sister is Dating a Man Who is My Dad, But Don't Worry... She's Still a Lesbian"

I. Cannot. Wait.

Holidays are neat etc. etc.

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

Rassles, I promise you that blog won't be nearly as exciting as you think. Laura, why does the 5 year old look like he's wearing a toupee? I love you and yes you really are a little tease.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Ali- Omigod- everything is so much cheaper in the US, but I knew that before I came home so I planned on lots of shopping.

Natasha- Thanks!

Hey Karen- Did you order this amazing weather just for me???

Rassles- Well the title of that one tells the whole story, well actually-- um, well on second thought, the story is kind of XXX rated.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jill- Did I mention you're a ho? Yer mum told me so.

SuperMindy said...

Merry Christmas Laura

People in the Sun said...

Thank you for stimulating the economy!

I never cared for the whiny mouse. That poor old duck, though, well he needs a hug.

danielle said...

Enjoy the rest of your time there! I am happy for you to be able to spend so much time at home, and I too, miss your posting :) Looking forward to hearing all your stories!! Say HI to the US for me, and have some Dunkin Donuts too!!! Man what I would give for a cup of coffee and a toasted bagel & cream cheese..hmmpf!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LOL, I was having so much fun watching you figure shit out through the comments you left on my blog yesterday. Oh, that was some good stuff.

Yes, Ghost and I are engaged. Crazy shit, eh?

A Free Man said...

Good to see a post from you! I was wondering how your trip to Fortress America was going. Will look forward to hearing some of those stories!

Gypsy said...

Can't wait to read these!

Corrina said...

I sooooo can't wait for the post about your kid telling someone to shut up. Kids are so awesome sometimes. :-) Get back home to Sydney! lol