Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City to Surf

I don't exercise. Occasionally, I get on a kick where I go to the gym or ride my recumbent bike for a few weeks, but basically, I'm a lazy beyotch.

Apparently, there's a whole lot of people who enjoy running, and do it for fun.

Last year, approximately 67,000 people came to Sydney for the City to Surf Race. It's a 14 kilometre race from downtown Sydney to Bondi Beach. We went to check it out, and we stayed because there was a rockin' band called "Phallica" playing on the balcony of the Golden Sheaf Hotel. Note to non-Australians: in Australia, a "hotel" is not necessarily a place with rooms to stay in; they refer to regular, old bars you get hammered at "hotels". This one, is of the latter.

The music in the video I filmed (below) is Phallica live. In the background, you'll see our grocery store, Woolworths. Yep, it's pretty shocking to move across the world and find out you have to buy groceries at Woolworths, I'm still hesitant every time I go in there.

At 32 seconds into the video push pause.
What the fuck is that??? If you have any idea please clue me in.

Check out this video: City to Surf race

Here's some photos of the band and the runners.

Phallica rockin'.

The lead runners trickling in.

The people who couldn't run fast enough to be in front. Freaking slowpokes.

This Saturday morning is City to Surf 2008. I'll be watching the runners do their thing again while I digest my eggs benedict, listen to the band, and try to keep my children from being trampled.



David said...

32 seconds-

Richard Simmons or an impersonator thereof?

Ty Gunner said...

Lucky!- The one on Las Olas close years ago! Who knew that flying to the other side of the planet was actually a time portal to 1972!

Dina said...

I've been so lazy about exercising.

It's WAY to hot here. I feel I'm doing good if I just get my ass off the computer.

I need to move to Australia. I have lots of energy there.

Corrina said...

Oh gawd, just reading about running poops me out. LOL... How sad is THAT?

Victoria said...

Wow, you should warn the 32-second site is scary!!! LOL

Thanks for the blog comment; I didn't think about no Olive Garden or PF Chang's in OZ, or anywhere else outside US. So I guess you are in more desperate straits than I am. Well, you probably do have cool places to eat, and great shopping, just different. We just don't HAVE it, period.

Anonymous said...

It's a Borat impersonator!

And I think it's called the Golden Sheaf Hotel. Great for a Sunday arvo on the turps...

Marvin the Martian said...

Phallica. What a GREAT name. ;-)

I don't think I've seen a Woolworth's in 20 years. Wow. You are soooooo lucky!

Neerav said...

Thanks for the link to my city surf guide floridagirlinsydney :-)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hey Victoria, I'd consider it good shopping if there was a Marshalls, TJMaxx, or even a Ross... everything is really expensive here.

Anonymous- I've changed it to Sheaf-- thanks!

Marvin- I wouldn't say lucky-- if I had Publix (my Florida grocery store) I'd be in heaven.

Corrina- ditto.

Neerav- Thanks for the great info on City to Surf, I'm happy to have found your blog!

Elsja said...

Ummm.. that's my boyfriend! DUH! Although I'm a little peeved he didn't tell me he was entering the race without me! Glad you caught him on tape so I can confront him! :)

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

i love eggs benedict!

The Gnu said...

i've always wanted to run that. i know i'm daring you a lot today, but i dare you to run that with me! give me two years to train. (don't worry, i'm not THAT unfit, i just need a year to actually get started lol)

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to point out that Woolworths Australia and Woolworths America are in no way related. I don't know why - why I feel the need to point it out AND why they're not related.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Anonymous- Weren't they once related until the Australian one was bought out by someone? In the UK possibly? Maybe we need to wikipedia the whole thing?