Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Australian Dream Creams

My homegirl, the fiery red-head, introduced me to Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. She said it was da bomb, and she was so right.

There's no chemicals or fragrances, in this stuff, yet somehow it makes water bead on your skin, like Rain-X for people. When exposed to UVA/UVB rays, the bottle changes colors and screams obscenities at you. And most importantly, it's the first sunscreen I've used which doesn't irritate my already temperamental and blotchy rosacea face.

We use the Blue Lizard Australian Suncream Baby version on our entire family, and anyone else who happens to come over and need some protection. I am constantly compelled to force it upon everyone I know. And being that it's from Australia, I was looking forward to getting all the Blue Lizard I could handle when we moved here.

Imagine the shock and disappointment when I found out that no one in Australia has even heard of Blue Lizard Australian Suncream. Apparently, Blue Lizard is from freaking Tennessee, as in the, "The Stage is Set for You" state. Huh? Should someone be offended that they didn't name it "Blue Lizard Tennessee Suncream"?

On a separate note, which actually is just more of the same-- I have arthritis in my 36-year old foot, which eventually I will need to have taken under the knife. In the meantime, my arsenal of pain relief includes Salonpas (they're from Costco, so you know they have to be good), and a pain relief cream called Australian Dream Arthritis Cream, which of course, is made in Kentucky.

Looks like Australians should be proud that companies want their products to seem Australian. I bet my cousin would like these products, she's American, but wants to be Australian-- we balance each other.



rinniez said...

So can you buy the sunscreen in Australia? if so, which stores stock it? I want some!

Dina said...

I get excited if I even see the WORD Australia--or anything related.

But I'm more excited when things actually come from Australia.

For some stuff....if it actually comes from Australia, in America they'll sometimes give it a much more Australian name.

We bought some cereal with a very strong Aussie theme. I looked the company up and the name of the cereal in Australia is much less obvious in its Aussieness.

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hey Rinniez, You can't buy it in Australia--- I'm so bummed. I had a GALLON (that's a lot) shipped here!

Dina, I know you'd prefer the real Australian stuff instead of the poseurs pretending to be Aussies!

Marvin the Martian said...

Do they name Australian products after southern US states? Would it sell better there?

I had an Aussie friend who made fun of the Foster's beer slogan ("Fosters - Australian for "beer") by saying Fosters is Australian for "shit." I had to laugh.

I have yet to work up the nerve to try Vegemite. Yeesh.

floridagirlinsydney said...

It's hard to say if something with a purposely American name would sell okay here-- some Australians have a real dislike for Americans and American stuff... and some love it and us.

Ty Gunner said...

Just one foot? I had issues with both feet and ended up with both going under the knife at the same time. One of the most interesting two weeks of my life.

floridagirlinsydney said...

So Ty, I wanna know how it was so interesting-- I'm assuming it involved some kind of footless sex?

Tors said...

Hmmm... never heard of it. But I do remember this line of haircare products called "Aussie". It had a kangaroo on the packaging. Guess what? They've never heard of it here, either.

Anonymous said...

G'day down under.....

Just FYI Blue Lizard was developed in Australia but was purchased and manufacturing was moved to USA when Aussie manufacturing plant was sold... The Australian Company was Premium Pharmaceuticals. We would love to still have it on the market there but we now need a Austrlian manufacturing plant and a distributor..

Don Kilday, DPh
President-Blue Lizard/Crown Laboratories

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Don (President of Blue Lizard/Crown Laboratories),

Thanks so much for chiming in here. I am hopeful that Blue Lizard is flattered, and not offended, by my poking fun at your Australian name.
I'm sure you can understand my disappointment when I found out I couldn't buy your sunscreen here.

On a more serious note-- must your product be manufactured in Australia to be distributed here? My husband and I would be curious to know how that works. I may try to find your email address on Blue Lizard's website to contact you directly about this.

Thanks again for the info on Blue Lizard's origins. I guess for the time being I'll continue having my mom send it to Australia by the gallon-- literally.


Foodycat said...

Yeah, I've been using the "Aussie Hair Care" range. They are made in Surrey (England). Not bad conditioner though!

The Gnu said...

i like the fact that on Australia day, all the stuff is made in China! how hilarious is that. Australia only seems to make beer and cricket lol