Monday, August 11, 2008

Opening Scaremonies

I'm still wondering if the 2008 Olympics opening ceremonies were a message to the world-- as in, "Don't fuck with us. If you think our flawless performances were scary, you should see how fast we we'll open up a can of whoop-ass on you."

The pyrotechnics shooting from the crown of the Birds Nest Stadium, were shocking. Even more surprising was that George Bush was inside that hot, mess of flames; it looked like the place was going to implode.

If you're looking for the cliff notes version of the opening ceremonies see the video below, or for any other information to see everything you missed, and didn't even know you wanted to see click here.

I just found this opening ceremonies montage on another blog I read:

The size of China's population (one fifth of the world's inhabitants), combined with their discipline and attention to detail, is pretty freaking nuts. So the question begs to be asked... where do we sign up for Mandarin for Beginners?

On a separate note, watching the Olympics in a new country is surreal. The Australian coverage wasn't full of nonstop chatter and filler stories to kill time. They didn't even speak over the opening ceremony performances.



blue house mom said...

Tell me about it. The American coverage is just a blip on the screen -- can barely find anything and if its on, they breeze thru it. As if their swimmers are the ONLY swimmers in the world, etc!
Makes me homesick for Bob Costas and the telecasts from the US.
PLUS, I think there are only three sponsors here in AUS (Panasonic, Coles and Telstra!!!) That's all we ever see...

floridagirlinsydney said...

It's so validating to hear another expat feeling the same thing. The difference in the Olympics coverage/ broadcasting compared to what we're accustomed to is definitely huge.

Victoria said...

I, on the other hand, wish the commentators would just shut up and let the moment unfold on its own. Some comments are fine; the non-stop chatter is irritating to me.

Now, maybe if I were able to watch what you see, I would better understand how you feel. It is very interesting how something that you'd think would be the same, turns out very different down there.

One advantage you do have (at least I'd guess that you have), is that you get to see them live, or close to when it's actually happening.

JD at I Do Things said...

Crap! Here I've been saying confidently to everyone who's been asking me if I watched the opening ceremonies that I'll catch them online. Guess not. Boo. Well, your explosion picture was pretty cool, as were the pictures on that news site. In that first one, that lady looks like a DOLL! FREAKY!

JD at I Do Things

Ty Gunner said...

I have been quite impressed with the Olympic coverage. I am quite surprised that those who are involved with daily publishing on the internet are comparing coverage when this time 4 years ago when no one was thinking about receiving international sports updates on the cell phone.

From cnn, “In the 2006 Turin Winter Games, NBC streamed only one hockey game online. This year, NBC will stream 2,200 hours of 25 events live, with nearly the entire 4,000 hours of the games available on archive for North American Internet users.”

Hey- if online viewing is not your thing feel free to cacth a few hours on cable. Check out the coverage on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Oxygen, Universal HD & Telemundo.

BTW- If you watched the opening ceremony, you saw computer-generated film of the fireworks procession. Search online using “olympic opening simulated”. Happy Reading!

Ali said...

I think the fireworks show was just amazing and stunning and I think it's nonsense to say that it was computer generated, how about we ask the audience in the stadium. China is the next super power if it has not reached it yet, and America and Russia are dealing with the chineese very carefuly

Marvin the Martian said...

I agree, it must be very nice to hear the natural audio and not have it polluted with babbling talking heads. Bleagh!

If I have the TV on, I turn the sound down. It's just annoying anymore.

Yes, the Chinese went all out on the opening ceremonies. I think they're just making up for lost time.

David said...

>>>Even more surprising was that George Bush was inside that hot, mess of flames;

That scares the bejesus out of us cause then the evil cheney voldemort would take over the oval office.

Tors said...

Wait... are we talking about the opening ceremony that was broadcast live on Channel Satan? Because I heard quite a bit of commentary from some stupid bimbo fact, I started yelling at her to STFU already. I was also supremely annoyed that they cut to ads several times DURING THE CEREMONY.

But it was beautiful.

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