Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother Australia Cancelled

Back in the U.S. I was all about Big Brother... no, I'm being serious-- like I had some withdrawl symptoms when a season would be over. Hey now, don't be getting all high and mighty on me-- I was not alone-- my husband also sat on the edge of his seat waiting to find out who would be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each week. It was not just me.

Omigod, does anyone remember the season they had to eat "slop", that was some crazy shit.

Wait, more classic moments are coming back to me...

How about when that girl who dated Dr. Will took someone's toothbrush and stuck it in the toilet? She was a psycho.

How about Dr. Will and Mike Boogie and their hilarious diary room "phone calls"-- let me refresh your memory-- and I believe this video shows the ousted guests seeing (for the first time) what Will and Mike were doing behind all of their backs:

So why in the hell does Big Brother Australia suck so insanely bad???

All the house guests were basically the same age, with the exception of one. No one was particularly funny, or gorgeous, or sneaky. No one purposely caused any trouble, or chaos, or excitement. This show was just boring, blahbity, blah, blah.

Personally, I thought the funniest thing I saw all season on Big Brother Australia was the interview before guest star Pamela Anderson was about to enter the house (I think they were banking on her to create some kind of fun)-- and right before she went into the Big Brother house she said this:

My husband and I were like--- doh? Did she just say that Big Brother's not on in America? We were dying, it was so funny.

Anyway, we are not sad-- or surprised, to hear today that Big Brother Australia will not be on next year, because we watched it this year-- wanting to like it, waiting for something-- anything-- interesting to happen. But even Pamela Anderson couldn't liven up this scene.



Dina said...

Msjamie loves that show too!

I don't think I've ever seen it.

Marvin the Martian said...

I understand the economics that drive the production of "reality" shows. I just wish people would stop watching such mindless drivel. ;-) My wife used to be a "Survivor" addict. Not anymore. ;-)

SuperMindy said...

Oh I really like that picture of you

MsJamie said...

Yeah I am a huge Big Brother fan!!! I haven't missed an episode since it started. The newest season just started last night.

(they still eat slop!)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Wow, I cannot believe people will actually sign up to go in the house knowing about the slop-- ewww.

elsja said...

I'm so glad this montrosity of a show is over.

Oh and I think my blog is coming up private because I don't actually use blogger. I use my google account to leave comments and it doesn't give me the option to link back to my blog!

Natasha said...

Have no fear- Ten cancelled but the other networks are fighting for it!

rinniez said...

haha i seriously believed Pammy and thought America didnt have BB hahaha! oops!
And this years housemates are plaid and boring after the previous? or year befores "turkey slap" incident!

Tors said...

'Bout time, too.

Good riddance.

Veronica said...

Hate hate hate Big Brother. It sucks badly.

But that could be because I have only ever seen the Aussie version.

traceyleigh said...

I laughed when I heard her say that. How could anyone not have worded her up beforehand that there actually has been BB on in the States is beyond me!

I really wanted BB to be good this year, but once again it disappointed. It was great for the first three years and then bombed out big time. I'm a bit sad to see it go though. It really is the ultimate in reality television for me and I loved my BB time.

What Aussie shows do you love to watch???

JD at I Do Things said...

I got over my Big Brother addiction 2 seasons ago, thank goodness. Not only did I watch it every time it was on TV (what, like 4 times a week?) but I got hooked on some Web site that posted minute-by-minute updates of what was happening via the live feed.

And Pamela Anderson is an idiot.

JD at I Do Things