Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking Through the Rubbish

Growing up I had this set of stainless steel Disney flatware, which was always a sentimental little slice of my unusual childhood. When my kids were ready to move beyond shoving the food in their mouths with fingers, I asked my mom to send them to me.

A few months down the track (that's Australian for "down the road") one of the pieces was mutilated by my garbage disposal, and I was pretty devastated. But being the internet whore that I am, I went on eBay and found replacements.

The point of all this reminiscing is that, in my nanny-smoking-cigarettes-in-the-house story, (posted a few days ago) I forgot to mention the straw that broke the Camel Lights back...

When I went rubbish bag diving to find the cigarette butts she idiotically left in her room, I mean come on-- leaving them in your room??? anyway, guess what I found -- my freaking Donald Duck spoon. Who knows if I could have gotten past the smoking bit, but tossing my Donald spoon out?

If that spoon went missing, I probably would have spent months searching every corner of this place looking for it, and I would not be happy

Wow, the drama.

Captain Chaos.

Captain Calmness.



Ali said...

I used to have like this spoons from disney.....long time ago

floridagirlinsydney said...

Everyone should have these spoons and forks.

Dina said...

I think we had those too!!!

Or maybe we used them at your house when we were kids?????

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

2 things: 1. "you" did not have a set of stainless steel disney utensils. "we" did. 2. and i am little mad that you have them.
do i get them for the 2nd half of our adult lives? how can we make this work for the both of us? i'm not kidding.

Tors said...

Hey, that's my spoon set too! I can't believe I forgot about them.

Erin said...

I had those forks and spoons too! Thanks for the childhood reminder. Wonder what ever happened to them. :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Tors & Erin- I had no idea this many people could have had these-- I should have been tipped off by the fact that I replaced them on ebay.

The Gnu said...

she must be a brave 20 yr old. really, who would ever throw that out? you probably even kept the mangled one too, right? i had Whinnie the Poo cutlery. I know, not as cool, but i was more about the Poo (hehe, now i just have to put something about wii-ing, oh wait, i am just too good...)
its a good thing you fired her. i can't wait to get on with the rest of the story- did she hire a new nanny? edge of my seat!!