Saturday, July 26, 2008

Save the Drama for your Mama

This week has been so annoying that I thought it needed a recap along with our newest untold dramas.

Here are the events, in the order in which they unfolded:
  1. Tuesday night: The whole nanny smoking cigarettes in the house episode.
  2. Wednesday morning: Four year old is sick.
  3. Wednesday night: The heat goes out. The house was freezing. Cold air was coming out of our reverse-cycle air conditioning, I'm not sure if this is an Australian thing, but I don't remember ever seeing it in the U.S. Basically, air always comes out-- but the temperature of the air seems to be the temperature you set it at (instead of just blowing "cold" until the rooms reaches what it's been set at).
  4. Friday day: A very weird man (the kind you wish you didn't have to let in) comes to fix my a/c-heat. He tells me that he's been here before when the old rich guy, and his heroin addict son lived in the house. He went on to inform me of the 10 "sausage dogs" (I'm guessing that's Australian for dachshunds/hot dogs?) that lived here, which they "never cleaned up after". Thanks dude, for brightening my day.
  5. Friday night: I'm trying to upload a video of my four year old prescribing me "rash" medication. My internet was c--r--a--w--l--i--n--g. I had to start the upload over three times. I started thinking, do I have a virus?? Omigod, do I have the ILOVEYOU virus, or possibly the Melissa Worm?
  6. Later Friday night: I remembered Big Pond, our internet company, mentioning something about "you have blahbity, blah, megabytes every month at something mbps", after that your service will slow down.  And then it hits me... have I run out of internet service?
  7. Saturday around 6am: Three year old who slept in underpants for the second night, came to tell us the bed was wet-- and, he was naked.
  8. Saturday: Took in Disney on Ice at Acer Arena (formerly known as the Sydney Superdome, next to the Olympic Park). Those 101 Dalmations can really ice skate... unfortunately they're kind of freaky... I'm surprised the Disney people let this fly.

Maybe "kind of freaky" was an understatement.
These are Disney On Ice's 101 Dalmations. Scary.

My four year old leans over and whispers to me, " Why are those people attached and dressed like dogs?".

Big Pond, our internet company, said that upgrading from the $89 plan to the $99 plan, could not be done until our next billing cycle in two weeks. Are they insane? After about forty-five minutes of unproductive conversation about this, the guy says-- well you can change your plan now, but you'll have to pay the full $10 for this month- that's already half over. Are you joking moron? Of course we'll pay, just turn our freaking internet back on--- right now bitches.

Telstra may want to let their employees in on a little secret... most anyone would pay $10 to get their internet working again, instead of it being slower than a dial up for the next two weeks. Hello???

That's it, I'm done. It will probably take 15 minutes for this posting to go through. Goodnight.



SuperMindy said...

Oh no what on earth was your download limit???

Maybe I shouldn't have taught you how to download!

floridagirlinsydney said...

it was 12 something-- now it will be 25.

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

i don't understand the limit thing at all. that is like pure insane crazy talk. i don't get it. i mean i seriously just don't get it. why is there a limit? is it like cell phone minutes? i just can not wrap my head around this one.

ok. whew. done with that. or am i? i mean I don't understand. after talking to them - did they explain to you why there is a limit? i know if i upgraded my dsl it would just go faster ALL month long- it wouldn't go faster for part of the month if i was on it too much. i mean why do they care how long you are on it. someone please help me.

ok. i think i am really done. other than the distressing internet news- i don't mean to laugh at your pain- it's just that you are so funny when you write about it. i hope things get better.

and why were those people dressed as dogs attached?

Marvin the Martian said...

Yes, those Aussies can be peculiar. I'm glad you got your bitrate fixed. Weird about your A/C - don't freeze!

Tors said...

Crikey... why are you with Telstra again? We switched to Internode a few months ago and it's GREAT, 25G for $69.95/month, fantastic service, absolutely no contracts or anything. All you need is a landline.
(sure, it's not as good as the deals you can get in the USA, but for Oz, it's better than Hellstra! hahahaha)

Hope next week is less chaotic for you.

hot garlic said...

Is the internet just not horrible here almost ALL of the time! It takes me forever to upload videos, or anything for that matter, and constantly have to start them over. Maybe we need to be paying that extra $10 a month too. It is just not as reliable as at home which frustrates me to no end.

Sorry it's been crappy. Did you fire the nanny or is she staying?

JD at I Do Things said...

Those dogs . . . are scaring me. The little tails . . . EEEEEK!!! They're just not right. Give me a good old-fashioned sausage dog any day.

(Hope your Internet is speedier now.)

JD at I Do Things

Ali said...

Those are realy frightning looking dalmations! What were they thinking of ;)