Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Is Just So Wrong

I'm all for seeing 20 catty, and sometimes deranged girls try to rope in a dumb, and not so cute, guy because they think he's a millionaire, why not-- that's not bad television, it's just good ole clean fun. And at least some of the really bad TV has shock value and is good for the nights when there's really really really nothing on and all the tivo'd stuff is watched and deleted.

But there just is no reason-- let me say it again, there is no reason-- for this:

And here's what the local paper has to say about the show-- note the caption under the article's title, um... they must really like it? Or this article which gives the show 3.5 stars (is that out of 4???). Wow, this is seriously the corniest thing I have ever seen-- and I don't take corny lightly.

From the comments under the articles, it appears the show is extremely popular with the enormous population of people who are actually in choruses and choirs.

Omigod, just in---
While researching this amazing television spectacle, I just saw there was an American version which lasted 4 episodes called Clash of the Choirs with Nick Lachey... and nobody told me??? And I call you friends? Maybe frienemies is more like it-- just kidding--you know I love you.



The Taskers said...

That is just SO WRONG on so many accounts! The fact that David Koch is the host should set people's alarm bells ringing: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! I loved that you were laughing in the middle of your taping, that was great.

Murray said...

Thanks for making my visits to the internet so much more interesting. It's an ongoing saga, and I find myself waiting for the next exciting episode. Keep it up, Sheila!!

Ellen & Murray in Fla.

Tors said...

Yeah, I saw the ad for that and thought, "Channel Seven has sunk to a brand new low." (and I was in choir for many years!)

Corrina said...

I don't remember the last time I watched something with my mouth gaping open. LOL.

I haven't heard of the Nick Lachey thing. I never watch reality tv anyway so maybe that's why. ha ha

floridagirlinsydney said...

It's really really sad that someone actually thought it was okay to air this show.

Murray and Ellen-I miss you guys so much and I am so jealous that that little redhead of yours is starting a cooking business without me--
When are you coming to visit??

The Gnu said...

i personally can't believe the paper called Koshi daggy! i feel strangely upset by this. i mean, i don't watch this either but still lol