Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Australians Go Wild for Gravy Flavored Chips

Back to Australia's love of meat flavored chips for a moment...
There is a radio show in Sydney which (if I'm understanding how it all went down correctly) went on a mission to invent a new variety of chips... and they did-- The Gravy Chip.

Massive amounts of people waited in line overnight to get free bags of Gravy Chips (I feel like there should be weird music every time I say The Gravy Chip).

They handed out 60,000 bags across the country-- no, I am serious.

They had a party called Chip-A-Palooza.

There are forums where you can discuss the chips, which by the way, are also referred to as "The People's Chip".

Apparently this chip thing has completely spiraled out of control.

This is Hamish & Andy (the radio show personalities) having a very sexy time in a bed of Gravy Chips.

I have heard that chips that taste like chicken are great-- and I am going on a mission to see if what it's all about.

I feel a taste test coming on....



Marvin the Martian said...

Thank you so much for visiting my little blog! I hope you come back.

Gravy flavored chips! Wow. I thought ketchup-flavored Pringles in Canada were strange. ;-)

Dina said...

Fun picture!!!

I'll be curious to see how your taste test comes out!

SuperMindy said...

I'll never understand the love for meat flavoured chips

Fashion Paramedic said...

Gee, thanks for the pic of the dudes. Now I'm going to have to poke out my mind's eye every time I hear the word "chips."

But do share the info on what they taste like. (The chips. Not the dudes.) Hee!!

Karrine said...

hahaha i still cant believe that meat flavoured chips are a new concept to you! I mean what other flavours are there??? Onion flavour and original are all i can think of!
And yet i still think this Gravy Chip thing is completely crazy ive never heard of anything like it before... people are going mad!
Great post... love the hamish and andy picture!!! :)

Jayne said...

I've obviously been missing the important news lately as I didn't hear about this!
Hmmm now there's a damn fine piece of eye candy in Hamish there...you've brightened up my whole brekkie now ;)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Karrine- I think I put a list of some U.S. chip flavors on my old "meat chip" posting--
Salt & Vinegar, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ, Jalapeno, Ranch, and then the whole chili flavor which is very new in the U.S.
I will say the Australian radio
shows are pretty darn funny!

Jayne-- I've heard they will actually be selling these?? wonder if it's true?

JD at I Do Things said...

I was pretty excited by the prospect of a Gravy Chip until I saw the picture. Now those once-desirable chips will forever be associated with weird naked guys. Wait a minute . . . that's a good thing! Gravy Chips, here I come!

JD at I Do Things

rinniez said...

Ranch chips? What flavour is that? It sounds kinda meaty to me?

BTW this is Karrine.. i just finally got my act together and started my blogger :)

Corrina said...

I'm pretty sure I don't want to eat chips that taste like chicken. You're very brave if you eat one!

Gravy chips, however sound very appealing. But I'd like to not have the ones that 2 naked guys were in. Ok, maybe the ones that the guy on the LEFT was in. LOL

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Karrine- Ranch is actually a salad dressing flavor which is really popular in the U.S.-- they have it at Woolworths here-- in the U.S. people dip everything in it-- vegetables, chicken, french fries, etc. You should try the salad dressing, it's really good.

JD & Corrina- Yes, I was debating on whether or not I wanted to eat the ones the naked guys are laying in -- and have come to the conclusion and agreement with Corrina, I'll take the ones that come with the guy on the left.

Danielle said...

Hi there! To weigh in on the gravy chip, I think it's a logical flavor to put on chips seeing as they are potatoes after all. I'm holding out for the broccoli & cheese chip! :)

(I found you on the expat blog site -- I'm in Brisbane with my Aussie husband. Grew up in Iowa, but had been living in Nashville for four years before I came here in 2005. Are you celebrating the 4th? I'm finally using my Hidden Valley Ranch packets that I bought for $6 a piece... eeep!)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Danielle, You are so right-- never even thought of the whole gravy on potatoes angle.

Have no plans for the 4th-- I've been in bed sick all day-- boy wish I had some ranch packets. My friend makes this crazy thing where she puts some of the ranch seasoning on pretzels with a drizzle of olive oil. I know it sounds insane-- but it's really good.

Tors said...

Wait...you listen to Hamish and Andy?
(gravy-flavoured chips are right up their alley, though)

Bring on the taste test!

Jill said...

i am having trouble wanting to admit this in public- but here i go...i don't really see anything wrong or upsetting by meat flavored chips. its weird and definitely gross sounding- but i feel like, and maybe i'm just wrong here, that if i moved to a country that had just oodles and oodles of meat flavored chips i'd try them and maybe even like them......

wait a minute. i just thought about that more- and tried imagining it. nevermind. i got kinda sick to my stomach just thinking about it. yeah. you're right. i'm sorry. that's just gross.

but gravy chips...hmmmmm...i don't know...maybe...what kind of gravy is it?

Miss Fi said...

Chicken chips rule. Cheese and onion or salt and vinegar are better though.

Don't like the other meat flavoured chips though.
Smiths chips much better than Kettle.

Have you noticed if you go into some takeaways they'll offer you chicken salt instead of regular salt yet?