Saturday, June 28, 2008

The New Cah

We have a very bad track record in the cah (that's Australian for "car") buying department. Even if I wanted to, I would not be able to compile the pathetically long list of cars and SUV's (that's American for 4-wheel drives) that I/we have owned. Though upon further reflection, there were a few which were so fantastic, terrible, or bizarre that they deserve a shout out right about.... um... here.

So how about a little tribute now, if I pay my last respects here maybe I can have some closure on my checkered whorish car-buying ways and finally move on.
And the first award goes to:
  • Best Value Car Owned By Me- 1992 Honda Prelude-- In 1995 I purchased this used with about 12,000 miles on it from my friend's friend-- well I think she was actually sleeping with him (you know who you are:). It was a sweet ride, and even though it was kind of pimped out-- white exterior, white leather interior with black piping and trim, I felt right at home in it.
  • Best Free Car Owned By Me- 2001 BMW Z3-- Well since there was only one free car, it would be the obvious winner in this category. And they don't just hand these things out-- I won it for being salesperson of the year at the company I had been with for 11 years... yep, I was pretty much thinking the same thing... I rock, hard.
  • Most Dangerous Car Owned By Me- 1996ish? Grand Jeep Cherokee-- This car was purchased new, and definitely goes into the What the Hell Was I Thinking category (there were a couple members in that special group). And it was the most dangerous vehicle because every time I got out of the car and went to shut the door, I got shocked! Like seriously shocked! It was crazy... and of course, painful... wtf?
  • Most Ridiculous and Short-Lived Car- 2004 Lincoln Navigator-- don't know why I thought I needed this beast, which incidentally won a real award for worst reliability. This vehicle lasted 3 months with us.
  • Most Practical Car Owned By Me- 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition-- seriously this car is the shit. Black with tan leather. DVD player (what? do you have another way to stop the chaos?), about 50 cupholders-- alright seriously, I think there's 18 or 20. Minivan (that's American for "peoplemover") style doors which slide open, so I can stop dinging people's cars, I'm actually a better person when I'm with these doors, they complete me. I know this cars sounds like a dream-- and it is. And for the low, low price of about $23,000 (or best offer) it can all be yours-- no seriously, it's still in my driveway in Florida and it gots to go.
And sadly, these were just the ones which stood out in my mind as the really wrong or really right. I can barely even remember the boring ones, and there were plenty of those. There were the expensive German ones, which I remember fondly, but were often lacking in the cupholder department.

Oh, I almost forgot-- there was the expensive, but unreliable one (my husband's) which I sold on eBay before we moved to Australia--- in twelve hours-- cash deposited right into our bank account! I should have made it an award for Most Easily Offloaded Car.

Okay, I know this is going to be shocking, and I really was fer sure that we would not be playing musical cars here in Australia.... but guess who after one year here, went for the trade in--- well, it wasn't me. And that's because I already knew you couldn't drive two preschoolers around in a convertible with a backseat built for people with no legs. Right-- not short legs... NO legs.

My husband has a new cah. And what he doesn't know, is that I'm gonna steal it-- and listen-- DO NOT GO TELLING HIM. He thinks he's just going to take my car in to be fixed (from the DeRanged Rover accident) and I'll use the new car for a few days-- but he really should know better. And the best part is that I already let him read the draft of this post, and know he is much too busy to reread it.

So far, I think we've done a good job instilling the need to constantly change what you drive depending on your mood. Yep, you probably know what I gonna say-- start 'em young.



Jill said...

Even though i was actually staying in your house when you sold Most Easily Offloaded Car - I can't remember what car it was. And Laura- given the list you made it really left me needing to know. As well as I now am left wondering what care are you going to steal from Doc? I need to know. And what care are you driving now that Doc doesn't quite yet understand that he is about to start driving once fixed from DeRanged Rover? I know this seems silly, but take it as a testament to how well you are able to entice your readers. Please include the answers to my questions in a comment. Thank you.

Fashion Paramedic said...

OMG! If I lived in Florida I would so totally buy that van from you!!!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Most Easily Offloaded was the husband's Range Rover-- that's probs why it was so easily found a new home.

The new car I will be stealing from the husband is a Honda CRV. And I'm currently driving an Cedes '03 ML500-- like the cedes SUV I had about 5 years ago... but with more giddy up.

Fashion Paramedic- I know I wish I could hook up a friend with this awesome vehicle-- it's totally kick ass and only has 12,000 miles on it! I'm probs gonna list it on ebay like I did with my hubby's car. Funny- actually a guy from Texas bought it and instead of having it shipped he flew in and picked it up!

Corrina said...

Someone GAVE you a BMW?? You are my new hero. I had an 318ti once and I wanted to marry it. Now I have a Saturn. Which I love. But it ain't no BMW. LOL

Aaaannnnd that first picture cracked me up! I love that your kids know how to run over each other in little plastic cars. LMAO.

floridagirlinsydney said...

Corrina- I EARNED that car-- well my job was really fun and easy-- so they practically gave it to me-- but I was salesperson of the year and I really was kick ass that year. Like REALLY kick ass.

lisa said...

Do you remember when you and I rolled up in the spankin prelude to meet up with BA when I brought Alby for a visit, and we met Jennibeast for the first time?? How absolutely mackin were we? The highlight was commenting on her uncanny resemblance to an IHOP waitress (seriously, no offense to IHOP waitresses) That car was the sweetest ride....ever : )

floridagirlinsydney said...

Ah Lisa, where you been girlfriend???
So glad to see you on here!
So they tooks your internetty away at the office? Unbelievable! We really need to catch up.

lisa said...

I'm here - struggling, but trying to enjoy the ride (just wanted to keep the car theme going) Was hoping for a response to my vehicle memory, but maybe you don't remember it as humorously as I do : )