Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Not Fathers Day Here

Dear Big Daddy,

Please don't expect breakfast in bed today, or a new tie.
Well, I'm actually feeling kind of bad that I didn't plan something special - even though it's not Father's Day in Australia.

But since I didn't get you a gift (um, or a card), I'll take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful father you are.

You constantly amaze me with your insight and patience.
You always put our family first and make it clear that your priority is our happiness.
You are a wonderful role model for our boys and they absolutely adore and admire you.

I love you-- and I know that if my bad attitude since our Australian arrival hasn't brought us to divorce court, then nothing will ever rip us apart.

Love forever and always,

I know you're probably thinking what a romantic I am now, but the reality is that it just doesn't seem right to ignore Fathers Day in the U.S. It's that same kind of wow-I-really-am-in-a-foreign-country feeling that I had when it was Thanksgiving and no one was making turkey.

Maybe we'll bake him a cake? Or let him watch all the ESPN SportsCenter he wants. Wow, I'm pulling out all the stops.



Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day. Thanks for the post, Laura

Dina said...

I didn't know it wasn't Father's Day in Australia!

Do they have Mother's Day????

I know this weekend is Fathers Day in the Uk....I wonder why they don't do it in Australia.

Very interesting.

floridagirlinsydney said...

Yes, Mothers Day is the same day as in the U.S.-- strange?