Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Am Here (on the map where the star is, duh)

Sometimes my husband says things like, "Honey we're so lucky we're in Australia during this financial crisis." And in my mind I respond by thinking, what constitutes the price of leaving a life you were actually enjoying? So when I'm mad, or a bit hormonal, I'll reference the whole, I-left-my-life-that-I-rather-liked-thing, to move to Australia, where-I-have-nothing-thing.
But I have to admit, that sentiment has recently become an obsolete cop out.

I have a life here, with friends, and plans, and parties, and coffee dates, and dinner parties, and stuff to do and people to see.

And there's days like yesterday...
I began the day eating something awesome, Date and Walnut Essene Sprouted Bread. I think this loaf of bread is literally ALIVE, whatever. The bread wasn't actually what made my day so awesome, but it was worth mentioning due to it rating so extremely high on the delicious scale.

Anyway, after the kids were dropped at school, I headed to Bondi Beach with my new friend Gus. Gus and his partner Ian recently moved to Sydney from the UK, and we actually met through my blog.

There's a sidewalk atop a cliff which hugs the coast from Bondi Beach to Coogee. Each year Sculpture by the Sea, an incredible exhibit of sculptures, is displayed upon this path with the ocean and cliffs as their backdrop. It was the most gorgeous winter day that felt like a summer day with a crisp breeze. All that salty air, good conversation, and exercise made me realize that I have new couples crush on Ian and Gus, ugh I hope they're not creeped out by that. And I hope My Favorite Australian couple doesn't get jealous; we're going away with them next weekend so I don't want to upset them, but if loving Ian and Gus is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

DSC_0638 by you.
The walk.

DSC_0640 by you.
A sampling of the hot surfers found amongst the beaches.

DSC_0633 by you.
The famous Icebergs pool off Bondi Beach.

My Aussie life is fer real, it's full and fun and happening. I'm done (for now) with homesick and culture shock.

I am here.

DSC_0645 by you.

In other news:

Sometimes I find myself actually thinking in an Australian accent, it's bizarre. Incredibly enough, my four year old has virtually no Aussie accent, which seems unbelievable to me after living here for two years. But this week he said, in reference to his Star Wars legos, he wanted to play with General Skywah-kah. His first Aussie words, I'm so proud.

And last but surely not least, I want to say a huge thank you to Mindy, a.k.a. SuperMindy who is responsible for my new header. She worked so hard to make it just right for me, and I can be pretty high maintenance at times-- no comment necessary from the peanut gallery of peeps who actually know me, thank you. So Mindy, thank you so much for making that gorgeous header, it's awesome, I love it.

Peace out.

ps- and just as I was about to publish this post I get an email from My Favorite Australian asking, "Who is Gus???" She must have seen the photos on facebook, I knew she'd be jealous. I am totally cracking up right now.



ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds wonderful! Australia is definitely on my list of places to see before I kick the bucket! Love the header, btw.

Dina said...

It sounds like you are in HappyLand.

I think in an Australian accent after watching Australian videos.

I think in a British accent after watching Harry Potter.

And now I'm doing southern after watching True Blood.

Right now I'm thinking in an American accent because I haven't watched anything yet.

Oh...and Mindy did an awesome job.

Amy Sheaves said...

Glad to hear you are happy in oz. I'd be slashing my wrists if I was an American transferred to Australia! You seem to coping well with your 'island' existence.

Captain Dumbass said...

The new header looks great. Your mention of winter hurts though, we're in the middle of heat wave and if I could fit in my fridge, I would.

Mama Bird said...

It's definitely nice to read when someone is loving their expat experience, especially in such a beautiful place. I still remember looking around when I lived in Brisbane, thinking I LIVE here! I loved it.

That is a great photo of the pool at Bondi. I love Bronte beach too. Jealous.

I'm amazed your son doesn't have an Aussie accent. Mine says words like his Dad sometimes and has an Aussie accent even in the States.

Brutalism said...

So glad you're liking it. Of course, those of us who have not had the chance to live abroad just sit back jealously...but I've heard from several friends who say the reality (especially at first) can be isolating and unfamiliar and lonely. Sounds like you've made lots of friends and like you said...have a life there. The scenery is fantastic.

suzinoz said...

Love your new header. Mindy did a great job. Glad to hear you are feeling settled here now. It does take awhile, but once you embrace it there is much fun to be had.

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

Oh I love the new header too! It looks really great! This blog made me so happy. :)

Rosangela Silva said...

Aussie accent's especially cuuute on kids, isn't it? BTW really nice header! Oh and nice pics as well!

Lindsay McHugh said...

I have yet to do that clifftop walk - next trip to Sydney!

I find myself not being able to distinguish accents sometimes. I'll be watching TV and an American ad will come on and I'll KNOW that there's something different, but not know what it is... oh, wait. Right, they sound like me.

V said...

OMG...I just wrote practically the same post, with almost the same photo (I did the Bronte to Bondi walk last week and shot it then). As soon as I posted, I clicked over to your blog to see what's up. And I read this post and totally understood your sentiments. I hear you. And it hasn't been two years for me and I still have like no friends, but I know that is only a matter of time.

The hard part about expat life...particularly for we have a fantastic, very convenient, cheap, and easy life in the U.S. So yeah, while it is gorgeous here, it takes a long time to stop comparing and stop feeling ripped off about everything. But I'm seeing that it does happen. It just takes time and a very patient partner!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Chitown- Well when you make it down under, you'll surely have to look me up--- if I'm still here of course.

Dina- You're like Madonna with the accents huh?

Amy- I like that-- my island experience!

Capt. Dumbass- You should totally go to Costco and hang out for a while in one of those walk-in refrigerators-- let me know how that goes!

Mama Bird- That's totally me! I walk outside and think, I cannot believe I'm really here, it's surreal.

Brutalism- I never thought I'd actually live abroad, I had no desire to live abroad... but now that we're here-- and in it, I'm glad we did it.

Suzinoz- Totally agree! Thanks so much!

Jill- Thanks sista.

Rosangela- Thanks, and by the way your English has gotten amazing! I cannot believe how you found my blog, that is just too funny!

Lindsay- I totally hear ya on that, I'm often confused about all of it!

V- So you're here now?? Last I thought you were still stateside-- I'm going to have to go catch up right on your life!!!

Kerry said...

Great pics, it's unreal how blue the sky is there. I can't wait to do the Bondi to Coogee walk, keep hearing such good things about it.

Love adorable!

SuperMindy said...

Thanks Laura, I loved doing your header. :)

Still on for Monday?

A Free Man said...

Your husband is right, we are lucky. And you are right, we are lucky. The quality of life here - once you get the whole making friends thing sussed - vastly exceeds that in the States.

I've started to think in an Aussie accent sometimes as well - but not speaking in one. Yet.

Anonymous said...

I am not craking up. Dumped for a thin, good looking blonde....hmm now I think about it all power to you and a good choice. But to restore the friendship I want a REALLY good dinner tomorrow night

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Kerry- It is gorgeous! And so are those little kid accents!

Mindy- Mindy Monday for sure!

Freeman- Yeah, sometimes that husband of mine is really really right.

Anonymous (a.k.a) My Favorite Australian- Are you drunk? You need to read that comment you wrote again, haha. See you tomorrow night-- cannot wait for your dance on our staircase... you rule.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, my gah, you are so lucky. BEAUTIFUL! We visited New Zealand many years ago, and people couldn't believe that we didn't "just" hop on over to Australia while we were in the neighborhood. Next time.

Marvin the Martian said...

As the great philosopher Buckaroo Banzai once said: "No matter where you go, there you are."

Natasha said...

Before I got to the part about Mindy designing it, I was thinking "what an awesome new header"! Well done Mindy!

I love that walk with a passion... I lived in Coogee when I first got here and now I live in Clovelly. Just this morning I walked to Bondi. It is SO insanely beautiful, even in the winter!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

JD- I have yet to go to New Zealand, but I'm dying to go. I wanna see glaciers!

Marvin- Yes I agree.

Natasha- I love that walk too, and this week I plan on doing the Watsons Bay to somewhere cliff walk-- I haven't done that one yet! Cheers!

Rassles said...

First of all, nice header. Thumbs up Mindy.

Second of all, I am currently watching the Empire Strikes Back, and I know that if I had a son, and moved to Australia, and wanted him to pick up the accent, I couldn't think of a better first sign of that accent then Skywah-kah.

Kismet said...

I am so happy you are starting to assimilate into your new world. I am a little jealous see I know what those in OZ are just starting to learn - that being your friend, hanging with you and that awesome man of yours, attending your dinner parties is like nothing else. You are a true original and I miss you more than I can say!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Rassles- hell yes.

Kismet- What??? Now I'm so confused
who the hell is this?? Omigod I'm
Soooo confused!!!!!! Huh?

Natalie said...

You gotta love us - we are a cute race of people.....Yes? Please say yes. :D

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Kismet- Wait-- is it Kelli?

Natalie- Yes, yes, totally!

Kismet said...

Yes my darling it's Kelli :)

Natasha said...

Ooooh, excited to hear how the Watson Bay walk goes, haven't done that one yet!

Gypsy said...

Who wouldn't love living near that blue, blue water? Glad you're settling in nicely.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Kismet- Did you think I knew it was you all along?? I was shocked to hear you knew me! That's pretty funny! And what happened you your blogging missy?

Natasha- We did Christison Park to Watsons Bay ferry wharf and back- it was absolutely gorgeous! It's a great walk!

Gypsy- It's the most beautiful place ever-- I'm almost sure!