Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Things on My Mind-Easter Edition

Things I am thinking about:
  • I think Easter is the biggest holiday in Australia. It's like Christmas and Valentines Day just slide by with barely a whimper, but Easter-- wow, Australians really love them some Easter. It's like the Vegemite of holidays.
  • My new Blackberry Bold is da bomb. If you don't have one, I would highly recommend running out and getting one RIGHT NOW. It's like having the tiniest laptop ever, in the palm of your hand. Holy shit it's awesome. Thanks Corrina for making my cell phone dreams a reality by giving me the 411 on what's what.
  • A couple of weeks ago we preordered hamburgers from our butcher. When we went to pick them up they cost like five million dollars and weighed as much as twenty solid gold bars. They were basically triple the size of what we normally buy there. Someone must have thought they were getting over on us-- and they did because my husband picked them up, and he's the calm one in the family. They totally lucked out.
  • My mom is coming to Sydney on Sunday and I am having my own one-woman-ho-down in celebration.
  • It's fall here but I keep calling it spring; sure feels like spring to me. My five year old told me he learnt in school the other day that he's a spring baby... his birthday's in November. It's all really messed up man.
  • My kids, and according to some other mothers, their classmates as well, have been having major after school meltdowns the last couple of weeks. The teachers say it's really common at the end of the first term of school. A mother in our class who I was chatting with said the reality is it can go on for years. That all being said, does it seem like a good idea to put this outside the four and five year old's classrooms at pick up time?
picnikfile_Eto7mQ by you.

Needless to say, my four year old, known to some as Captain Chaos, who isn't usually thrown into a rage over juice, screamed like I was killing him all the way to the car and kept it going all the way home. At our parent teacher conference that I evening I thought it'd be wise to capture on film the table which caused the kid so much distress.

I'm actually so re-traumatized after reliving the juice episode, I think it's best to stop here.



Jenny said...

Today I got my first taste of the Easter jubilation here- 100 public school kids singing "Aussie Easter- Oy Oy Oy".

Will you be grilling me up one of those solid gold burgers tomorrow?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jenny- I sure will, hope you're hungry. A mum (see how I turn Australian with no warning) told me Aussies love Easter because it's all about the candy.

Angel said...

I would stay so ass-backwards if I lived there. Just the backward seasons would drive me crazy.

I lived in Europe for over three years and could never get my parents to visit. That was fifteen years ago, and I think I'm still pissed.

V said...

FL Girl...I keep wanting to type "Flygirl" everytime I type "FL Girl"...anyway...

I'm sooooo jealous! I have a BlackBerry World after having a Curve, and have been sweatin' the Bold for-evurrrrrrr. I love the CrackBerries, yes I do. Congrats! As soon as I figure out how to outsmart the crazy Aussie contract system, I'm gonna get me one too!

In other news, I'm scheduled to arrive in Sydney on Easter. Glad to know there'll be some sort of celebrating, for once. I mean other than me celebrating seeing my hubby again! Anyway, I hope maybe we can get together sometime. Lunch or something. Til then, Happy Easter!

Rassles said...

I had something clever to say about Vegemite, and then I saw that picture, and now I just really want some orange juice.

Kristie said...

Any holiday that is all about the candy is a grand holiday in my book, now where are my Cadbury mini eggs????

I love candy.

steck said...

It's not fall -- it's "autumn".

Something to do with eucalypts not being deciduous.

Or I could have made that up.

-- Paul

MB said...

That is so true about Easter! I try to explain to people here (in the States) how much bigger Easter is there and they really just don't get it. Are Easter Bilby's going in your baskets? I love those!

My Mom did say she saw Hot Cross Buns in Kroger the other day, which I thought was weird since I've never seen those before here.

I can totally relate that juice episode...glad I'm not the only one.

jpck said...

I love ho-downs. And, maybe they put out juice so you can MYO (make your own) concoction!

Mark said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!

HeatherPride said...

Yeah, of all things "Aussie" it would be the reversal of seasons that would be the strangest of all. Christmas in the middle of summer? No wonder they don't get into it much.

Hit 40 said...

Love your posts. Very charming. I feel like I am there in Australia. Anyway... about all kids do melt down after school. I try to make sure mine go to separate corners from each other. Then, I take them snacks while they get their homework done. After an hour or so, everyone is ok.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Angel- So in other words, you'd be me.

V- After reading your comment I am really considering changing my username to flygirl. No, I'm serious-- I love it and eventually I won't be in Sydney anymore and I will need a new name!

Rassles- I know, it's like just the word Vegemite makes everyone lose their minds.

Kristie- That's exactly what one of my Aussie friends said-- it's all about the chockie.

Steck- Yes, my five year old often reminds me it's autumn and NOT fall!

MB- Yeah, I think it's because we have Thanksgiving as a four day weekend in the U.S.-- this is Australia's four day weekend.

JPCK- I love ho-downs too, all the time.

Mark- Thanks, we Jews love Easter for the chocolate.

Heatherpride- The whole spring is fall thing has really tripped me up this year-- I just can't remember it's not spring-- it's ridiculous.

Hit40- It is nice to know I'm not the only one with afterschool issues.

hereinfranklin said...

Rassles can have the juice. I want a gigantic hamburger with a shot of Cadbury's on the side. With a Vegemite twist.

Bluestreak said...

I would do anything, ANYTHING for a giant hamburger RIGHT NOW. Oh man, I´m losin it here.

hereinfranklin said...

OK...another in church the priest I don't really like preached and it was all about Easter = Spring. So my mind started wandering and it wandered to Australia and to you and so I wondered about what priests in Australia said about Easter in the fall and then I remembered that you're Jewish and then church was over and it was time for wine.

Elsja said...

Seriously... what is it about Easter here? And EVERYONE eats fish on Friday. I guess I'm just totally out of it since I'm not Catholic- but it does make me realize just how many catholics are here.

And those chocolate bilbys are hideous- but that reminds me, I should buy one for my friend who is coming in a few weeks. Hopefully I can still find one. I think she'll enjoy the nasty looking chocolate "bunny."

Deidre said...

Easter is totally ridiculous in Australia, which I love. Particularly the Easter chocolate ducks (at aldi...) FUNNY.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Here in Franklin- Whoa, that sounds way nasty.

Blue- Just booked to go to Florida in December, I'll eat one for you- like that helps.

Elsja- I'm still wondering what everyone was talking about when they said bilbys???

Deidre- I just figured everyone REALLY loves them some Jesus-- but now I know it's all about the candy.

A Free Man said...

I don't really care a bit about Easter, but I love me a four day weekend. And we had great weather, which made it even better.

traceyleigh said...

I think Australian's love Easter so much as it is the last extra long break for the year and signifies the end of the good weather. So lots of Australians go camping on Easter weekend. It's all about relaxing and eating chocolate and being with family and friends. :-) We stayed at home (being broke will do that to you) but ate lots of chocolate still.

Hope you had a great break Laura with the family.


Marvin the Martian said...

I'm glad you're having fun with mummy! And I am jealous of your crackberry, while simultaneously grateful that I'm too thrifty to spend more money on a data plan which would only encourage me to dink with the crackberry, and which would irritate my darling wife. Ergo, I stayed simple with my new Nokia.

We didn't do anything easterish, except decorate. No egg coloring or egg hunting. We grilled steaks and invited our nephew over. That's something, I suppose.

American in Norway said...

Norwegians are CRAZY about Easter too.... the entire country shuts down for DAYYYYYYYs... thank goodness it is over...
I tagged you over on my blog... hope you will come by & play.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Freeman- I love me some four day weekend too!

Traceyleigh- Thanks!

Marvin- Aren't steaks just so Easter-ish??

American in Norway- Yeah, I wasn't too surprised everything closed here for Good Friday and Easter-- it's obvioulsy a very big holiday weekend-- too bad for the Jewish people around here (me).

Rachel said...

I happened upon your blog after visiting Australia for the first time last month (starting Easter weekend in Sydney as a matter of fact) and googling around the possibility of moving there for a stint. Anyway, I really enjoy the blog! I was wondering what type of camera you have? Your photos are gorgeous.