Monday, April 6, 2009

The Dinner Party

We have real Australian friends here, yeah baby, we have arrived.

Last weekend we were invited to a dinner party at our favorite Australian friends' house. I should probably tell you now, I think we have a couples crush on them.

The wife is literally My Favorite Australian, she is freaking hilarious. She reminds me of two of my closest friends in Florida; she swears like The Fiery Redhead, and entertains me like my girl the Orlando Blonde Bombshell.

So I had high expectations for My Favorite Australian's dinner party, I knew it was going to be a good time, and was not disappointed. Our lovely hostess broke the ice by whipping out her Cute Banker Husband's early-nineties, teenage modeling portfolio for some pre-dinner entertainment. I'm hoping she won't mind it when I say my favorite photos were the series of him wearing a unitard with a hat strategically placed over his package. Neh, she probably agrees.

During all of the teenage-modeling-photo-excitement My Favorite Australian flawlessly crisped potatoes, and made a red wine sauce, and I think she also made a Bernaise sauce-- or possibly Hollandaise sauce? Which ever it was, she did all of this after drinking about an entire bottle of wine. This being said, she is my hero because the food was incredible, beef wrapped in ham and tied up like a present with red string, amazing potatoes, and rocket salad.

Other dinner party highlights included:
  • Me learning the word "pash" after ignorantly nodding and smiling as if I had a clue knew what they were talking about. I finally was advised that in Australian, "pashing" is kissing.
  • A gravyboat with an attached underplate, filled to the brim with creamy sauce, being disastorously free-poured around the table, and eventually becoming the object of ridicule for it's design and lack of serving spoon.
  • My Favorite Australian getting hiccups, then going outside to the trampoline to do drunken seat drops to get rid of them. Yes, it was successful.
  • Post-dinner, My Favorite Australian was inspired to show us her moves, which in all of their awesomeness, looked like a solo version of this:

Then there was more good wine.
There was a delicious chocolate tart.
There was cheese plate.

When I saw Vegemite on the cheese plate I became concerned that I would be double-dog-dared to eat some. What the hell is Vegemite doing on a freaking cheese plate? That's just wrong.

(photo of the actual cheese plate)

My Favorite Australian told me it was actually quince paste, and it would "change my life". I was so relieved, and she was sooo right. This is why I bow down to this woman.

And at some point between the Pulp Fiction montage, and my quince paste moment, everyone was chanting "do it, do it, do it" as My Favorite Australian tried to get my politically-correct husband to yell swear words. Just thinking of him doing it was hilarious enough.

If I told you anymore I'd have to kill you, so I'll leave the story at that. Needless to say we had a very good time and are planning to invite them, and their friends, to our house for the next dinner party.

This past week my husband and I have reminisced about what a great time we had at their house. One night, around midnight, my husband says, "Think I should call them, say ______(insert their aforementioned profanity here) and hang up?" See, this is why I married him.

So now we have booked a holiday (that's all Australian for "vacation") to go to the Blue Mountains with them. This time we'll probably avoid going here, needless to say, I think it's going to be a good time.



Rassles said...

Hooray for Australian friends!

And seriously, do you realized I had to fucking wikipedi vegemite? It sounds gross as all get out.

By the way: The uncoolness of my stupidity should be canceled out by the fact that I turned wikipedia into a verb.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I know- I can't believe I finally landed some Aussies. Wikipedi is totally a verb, obviously.

Leila said...

Awesome story. That's just how us Aussie's roll :)

Oh and I'll have you know cheese & vegemite is a very good combo - toasted on bread. YUM!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Leila- My four year old is ALL ABOUT vegemite and cheese sandwiches-- I actually make them! Who would have thunk?

hereinfranklin said...

well I've quit laughing at Rassles' long enough to leave my own comment--if the sauce had tarragon in it, it was Bernaise. If it was lemony butter-flavored it was Hollandaise. And if you'd like to know any more random food facts, just let me know.

Jenny said...

Ah, Florida Girl- your life is just too full of grown up fun- date nights, dinner parties, drunken trampolining. I'm jealous! Someday when I find a babysitter here maybe I'll have some grown up Aussie fun.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Here in Franklin- Hmmm, I'm not sure which it was-- maybe the second-- they're pretty darn close and I'm usually good at being a food detective. I can sniff out cilantro (coriander) in anything. Yuck.

Jenny- And guess what, they live near you I think-- see they could be your friends too. So Jenny, whenever you are available shoot me an email we'd love to have you over for a bbq and whatnot (with kids)... we can save the adult only parties for once you've settled.

A Free Man said...

Wow, hanging with the natives. You'll be having brekkies of vegemite sarnies before you know it.

Captain Dumbass said...

I ate dinner in the bathroom while my kids had a bath. I know, you're jealous.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Free Man- Sarnies?? I'm not sure I even wanna know-- but I better google it.

Captain Dumbass- Hmmm, that's what I'll be doing tonight.

Anonymous said...

I bet this Australian is skinny and REALLY good looking.......

American in Norway said...

I am still waiting for a Norwegian couple to have a crush on...however, i did go out with all Norwegians this weekend & had a BLAST... (it isn't really all bad here...) I just have those expat moments from time to time...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Anonymous, I bet that Australian IS skinny and very hot. And anonymous.

American in Norway, I know exactly what
You mean.
I just typed this from my new cell phone so excuse any weird formatting.

Angel said...

It sounds like a really great time. Oh my god I need to go to a dinner party. A grownup party.
I was beginning to worry the fried rice had actually killed you. I'm happy to see it didn't!

PamelaRose said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with such a fun couple! Makes a mother proud!
Hugs and pashes...

V said...

FL glad you found some awesome Aussie friends! Especially ones that drop four-letter words while whipping up Bernaise with a bottle of red already down the hatch. They've got skillzzzz baby!

PS: My husband once dared me to eat a teaspoon of Vegemite, plain. I did. He was so disappointed when I didn't go running to the toilet to chuck. All I said was that it's salty. And that's the truth. Not as bad as it looks. But I'll stick with American style mayo and Heinz for spreading, thank you!

Gypsy said...

Glad y'all had such a good time. We all need friends like that.

Dina said...

I am so glad you have Aussie friends now.

I mean I'm glad you found yourself a good collection of expat friends. I think they've been wonderful for you. You seem SO much happier now.

But I think it would be sad to spend years in another country and not have any friends from that country.

Do you know what I mean?

I think having the chance to live in a foreign country is a huge opportunity....a gift. But if you never have friends from that country, it seems to me that you would have really missed out on something. I think it's sad when people move to a new country and spend time with ONLY other expats. I understand that there's a huge connection between expats and a comfort level that's there. But I think eventually it's good to reach out and expand those horizons.

And I know you HAVE tried to reach out. So I SHOULD really say....I'm glad you finally caught something.

Anyway, I hope you have more wonderful times with these Aussie friends. And I hope you have more wonderful times with your expat friends.

In general, I hope you have lots of happy times with all your new friends.

I'll shut up now. If anything I've said has offended you, just ignore it and look at the photo of my huge orange boobs.

Girl Interrupted said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

That has to be THE best cure for hiccups EVER!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) thought I'd return the compliment

Excellent blog

Marvin the Martian said...

How fun! A nice dinner party that will be the talk of your entire circle of friends and readers for years.

I think the term is "wikied," like "googled."

Your weekend was much more fun than mine. I got to work in the yard and fight with broken rental equipment. And put up plantation blinds. Yay.

Kelley said...

The thought of your hubby calling them and shouting profanity made me laugh out loud. So funny :-)

It's All Good said...

Thanks, yeah we used Reynolds foil baking cups, I liked the way they looked! Sounds like your having fun in Australia (Ive always wanted to visit, I have friends there yanno!) It's hot as hell here in Florida, you aint missin much...

You should try mozzarella cheese and watermelon, weird, but surprisingly good...

MB said...

Captain Dumbass made me laugh out loud. Too funny. I have to warm my kid's teachers here in the US about my son's vegemite/cheese sangers so they don't think his lunch has gone off or something. And Aussie friends are the best. I miss mine. Sounds like a great party. I vaguely remember what parties are like.

buffalodick said...

Good times, good friends... they are where you find them!

traceyleigh said...

Sounds like a wonderful night Laura. So glad you are feeling settled and have Aussie friends that you can hang out with and share good times :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Angel- Haha, I'm still alive, but I will say that I ate left over fried rice again yesterday so you never know.

PamelaRose- Thanks mama. Pashes. Oh, wait-- I think I forgot to mention pashes are french kisses.

V- You ate a spoonful of Vegemite??? OH. MY. GOD.

Gypsy- Thanks, and offer still here for you to come have a Sydney vacay.

Dina- I probably could have made it through our time here just by communicating with my friends in the U.S. because they are amazing, or mayve even just the Americans I've met here-- but I am actually glad now to have Australian friends too. Btw, nice rack.

Girl Interrupted- How could I not stop by your blog after all the hype???

Marvin- Yes, I think my weekend wins hands down.

Kelley- And if you knew him you'd REALLY be laughing.

It's all good- I've totally had watermelon and mozzerella and basil salad! Did you make it for me?? Why did you say that?

MB- You shall party again soon! (I have just started fortune reading).

Buffalodick- YES.

Traceyleigh- Thanks.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Pash! I love that word. I can't use it yet without sounding like a dummy, but I'm working on it. I learned it from that Chris Lilley show, Summer Heights High.

Once I retire "frenched", I'm going for the pash.

Also, I wish someone would invite me over for drunk seat drops.

SuperMindy said...

Having Australian friends has really helped me adjust to life in Australia. I hope it does the same for you. Plus maybe you'll actually start to sound more "Australian".

ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Mark said...

Sounds like great friends and a great night! Don's sweat the grammar, it is the content that counts!

crazyvirgo said...

I want to come to your next dinner party. Totally crushing from afar.
(love your blog too!!)

Christine said...

Making new friends rocks. So glad you had fun - it sounds like a great time. I think I need to try quince paste..

Dana said...

I actually just heard an aussie say the word Pash for the first time yesterday...and I knew what he was talking about because of your blog! did you know your blog would be educational as well as entertaining?

The Lucky Mrs. T said...

Randomly came across your blog and really enjoyed reading today's post.

My oldest Indian has a pen pal in Austraila and we've received a little vegimite in the mail. we've not opened it. she warned us to be afraid, very afraid....

Hit 40 said...

Great party! Good location/food/friends/drink! The whole package. I have only posted a few so far - but I am already worried that their server may crush on us! I am a paranoid person. You might want to print this memory off to save. Very nice post! Oh...I think I may need more printer ink. (The server at work crushes on me all the time.) Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-)

sherri said...

Sounds like an amazing dinner party. I wish we had a couples crush. Still haven't met them yet.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Steam me up- You're totally invited next time.

Supermindy- Being in school is a great thing for you-- sometimes I'm jealous of that.

Chitown- Thanks.

CrazyVirgo- Thanks, you should really come to the next one fer sure.

Mark- But I really like the grammar to be proper, for the most part.

Christine- If you find quince paste in FL let me know, we were just pondering whether they have it there.

Dana- Yeah, my blog is definitely an education tool... or some kind of tool.

Mrs. T-- They were right-- be afraid, but break it out at a dinner party-- great conversational piece.

Hit 40- Thanks and I hope you got the printer thing sorted.

Sherri- Thanks, you'll find your love match-- I just know it.

kiki said...

i had a phase during childhood that had me regularly eating vegemite off a spoon. now i spread a thin layer on a slice of buttered toast and then smoosh some avo on top of it. amazing.