Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pit Bulls, Staffies Off-Leash

First Tennis Lesson by you.

Dear Family Who Thinks it's Cool to Take Their Pitbull to the Tennis Courts to Run Around Without a Leash,

Let me introduce myself, I'm the mother of the two small boys who were having their first tennis lesson when you arrived at the tennis park today.

I'd like to let you know that when your troupe of small children began emerging out of that carseat-less vehicle like clowns pile out of a Volkswagen, I was pretty impressed that you were taking so many kids at once out for a little racquet tango. Though, when I saw your last child get pulled out of the car, attached to a leash, attached to an ginormous pit bull, I quickly became anxious and concerned.

I know we're in Australia and all, and things here are a little more relaxed and all, but whilst trying to enjoy some recreational activities-- and by "recreational activities" now that I'm in my thirties, I mean sports-- I don't think we should have to worry about your dog, during their tennis lesson on a court where dogs are not permitted.

And I know that no one said anything to you regarding that fact that the dog should not have been there. And clearly, you didn't notice us lunging toward our children to protect them. And you may not be aware-- there are actually dog parks, right around the corner, where people won't mind at all if you bring your pit bull to blow off some steam. And though I'm sure he's a lovely, lovely dog, though the snarling and supersonic speed did throw us there for a moment, we actually did mind your dog running around our kids.

Just thought it may be something to consider for next time you are venturing out with The Dogbeast to a place frequented by small children.

Mum Who Would Have Liked to Bitchslap You, But Was Scared

Note to reader: a) I have nothing against large families (my husband has 10 siblings) and b) I know all Pit Bulls are not ferocious beasts... but keeping them on a leash may make the general public feel safer c) the "snarling" part was an exaggeration.



MaddyKat said...

Dear Mum Who Would Have Liked to Bitchslap You etc, I think u should write a letter to your local paper about people letting their dogs run around without their leash on. Any type of dog, its bad at anytime, more so around kids!Signed One Who Agrees

Marvin the Martian said...

Wow, it sounds like you need to carry a heavy staff with you wherever you go! Or a sword cane. Hmmm.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

MaddyKat- You're probably right, I should!

Marvin- Possibly? But knowing me I could just start randomly smacking people with my "weapons" and then I would be the problem.

Catherine said...

I think a letter is a good idea. I know I would have said something to dogs are not allowed. I figure it's OK for me to say things like this because I'm new and don't realize that signs don't actually mean what they say!

Which reminds me of a short story. When we were in Queensland, we went to a mall. There were many signs around stating "dogs not permitted"...yet there were many dogs attached to these signs awaiting their owner's return! Too funny.

hereinfranklin said...

I finally realized that it's not dogs I dislike, it's dog owners.

Walter said...

Next time haul off and give her the mother of all bitch slaps. What fool brings a dangerous dog to a tennis court? The slap may have brought her to her senses (or is that overly optimistic?).

BTW - you're becoming REALLY Australian. You repress your venomous rage and smile insipidly at the person you'd like to gullet.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Catherine- Yep, I've seen similar. Funny.

hereinfranklin- Right on.

Walter- That's funny-- but do Australians do rage?

A Free Man said...

I'm amazed sometimes how much Australia reminds me of my old home in the South - pickups, country music and rednecks with stupid dogs. Makes me feel like I haven't moved that far away.

Kristie said...

As a fellow dog owner I am always amazed by those who don't leash their animals. This would never cross my mind. I realize that even though I love my dogs not everyone else does. I'm glad nothing bad happened.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Free Man- So funny you say that-- but here in Sydney I kind of feel the opposite, like everyone is so much more "city" than me-- city stylish, city chic. I'm sure it's because of where we live, but I usually feel like the redneck around here-- and I'm actually not even a redneck at all.

Kristie- Thanks, I'm glad too-- it was weird-- I really didnt' know what the hell to do!

Teresi Family Blog said...

It's these type of dog owners that really tick me off. The same ones that drive with their dog on their lap with no regard for human safety.

Gypsy said...

Oh man. They should have known better.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, this just burns my toast.

I don't care what country you're in, pit bulls (ANY dog, for that matter) should not be allowed out without a leash, period. And around little kids? Arrgh.

Can you print out this post and display it, poster-form, all around the park?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Teresi- Yeah, darn straight.

Gypsy- You'd think, right?

JD- That's a thought, hmmm? Yeah, it really got my goat, and frenched my fries.

Corrina said...

Isn't it just lovely how inconsiderate and stupid some people can be? I agree with your first commenter that you should write a letter to the paper about that. It's not only ridiculous, it's dangerous.

Mark said...

You are correct, even the most gentle of dogs should be leashed in a public place. People need to think beyond their individual world.

Duck said...


I had the opposite happen yesterday. I was at a big BBQ with friends at a beach-side park. Two people brought these little itty bitty 500 year old dogs with them.

Suddenly a guard came by saying no dogs allowed. And if the owners (in the water) didn't come back in the next two minutes, he'd call the humane society.

elsja said...

Seriously... what is wrong with people?

I always see SO many dogs without leashes here. People will literally just leave their dog outside of a shop (not tied up) while they run in to buy something. Even if you trust your dog and it's trained well- you can't trust that it will NEVER run out in front of a car to chase another dog or jump at a passerby while you are in buying milk. I just don't get it.

MB said...

Funny. I always want to say something to people like this, but then I don't want to be THAT neighbor or when I was living in Australia, THAT AMERICAN. Ha! We have a neighbor who walks around with their rotweiller (sp?) not on a leash and it annoys every neighbor, but nobody says anything. I think pit bulls are banned in QLD, aren't they? I don't like pits, I don't care how nice their owners claim they are (while holding them back on a huge chain leash). They are unpredictable and they scare me.

Your blog is funny. :) Have no clue how I found it. Thanks for a laugh.

Dina said...

Yikes. Dogs without leashes make me nervous too : (

The Gnu said...

it is so much easier though, cos the dog can just fetch the balls ;) but i agree with you, they shouldn't be around children, especially not a scary dog.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Corrina- I'm not sure if Australians feel the same way about pitbulls-- you never hear anything about them here and I see them not on leashes at Bondi Beach all the time.

Mark- Yeah!

Duck- Hmmm, under-reaction vs. over-reaction-- it's like you just can't win, right?

Elsja- I just don't get it either-- in the U.S. I've never seen this many.

MB- Thanks for coming by, I don't care how "nice" their dogs are either.

Dina- Do you remember our miniature schnauzer Max? It bit our friend on the nose! See --no one is safe.

Gnu- I think leashes make everyone else more at ease-- but otherwise the dog parks are pretty good for the unleashed... as you said, especially when there's kids running around.