Thursday, October 16, 2008

Smash Repairs and the Elderly

NRMA is the company in Australia which insures both of our cars.

A couple of weeks after my car was rear-ended by the DeRanged Rover, I brought it to the "smash center", that's Australian for "body shop". When I told them what happened to the car, and how I was too scared of the large muzzled beast in the back of the offending vehicle to ask a lot of questions, they said no problem. They advised me to step into their office and ring NRMA to file the claim; it will only take a couple of minutes.


So I called them. They asked me a handful of questions, and within 90 seconds of hanging up the phone they had faxed the smash repair shop authorization to fix my car.

Incredibly, that was it. As in, that's the whole story. It was shocking. Why can't everything be that easy? Is it just me, or is it a much more involved process to make an insurance claim in the U.S.?

As I write this I'm watching the last U.S. Presidential debate. Obama keeps empathetically looking at John McCain as if he's watching an elderly relative go in and out of dementia.
If McCain wins this election I think we'll be staying in Australia at least four more years.



GutsyWriter said...

I just discovered your blog and can't wait to read more. I love your description of how Obama looked at McCain during the debate. Do you think insurance claims run more smoothly because there are fewer lawsuits in Australia and people are more trustworthy?

I would love to live in Australia. We met an Australian in Fiji last year who said that Scott's Head, between Sydney and Brisbane is not as populated and gorgeous. Have you been there?

Bluestreak said...

Yeah, I think it´s much more involved in the states.

And I think I´ll be staying away four more years if McCain wins too, if I don´t drown myself in my own tears.

Rassles said...

McCain looked like an old man standing on his porch in a bathrobe shaking a newspaper at the neighbors scheming kids and their new fangled skateboards.

Marvin the Martian said...

Don't worry...even if the Obamessiah is elected, I think he will not have much time to implement his destructive policies.

Is Australia's insurance no-fault? Is it all one company? That might explain it too.

A Free Man said...

We had a similarly pleasant experience with Aussie insurance companies. Refreshing isn't it?

It's looking like the chances of McCain winning are getting less and less. I'm still sightly worried about the G.O.P. stealing it again, though.

Erin said...

You know, I think car insurance claims are easier than property damage. We have AAMI and they have been hopeless for property damage claims. Maybe I should try NRMA. But I agree it was way more difficult in the US, having loss adjustors come and photograph the car, take sworn statements,etc.

I agree. I'm staying away if McCain wins. Obama bring me home! :-)

CheekyOne said...

It's friggin great,isn't it!! Score one for Aus on car insurance!A lady hit my hubby's car a couple of months ago.They called in all the stuff,etc.Then because there really wasn't much damage we kind of forgot about it and blew it off.The insurance co called us to remind us to get it fixed...I was floored lol.
Your description of Obama looking at McCain was hilarious!!If McCain gets the election I don't think i'll even want to go home anymore.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gutsywriter, Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure about the whole Australians are more trustworthy thing, but I'm guessing there are far fewer lawsuits here.

I haven't been to Scott's Head-- but I'll have to check it out!

Obama really did look at McCain with empathy, didn't he?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Bluestreak- seems like a common thought amongst expats!

Rassles- Bahhhhh- hahahahaha. Totes.

Marvin- Huh? And not sure. And not sure.

Free Man- It really is refreshing. Very.

Erin- Maybe you know, is NRMA the only car insurance company? I'm clueless, my hubby set it up before I arrived here.

Cheekyone- I think we should make it official, it can be the American Abroad Because McCain Was Elected Society.

Corrina said...

"Obama keeps empathetically looking at John McCain as if he's watching an elderly relative go in and out of dementia."

That made me laugh so hard I peed.

You. Are. Awesome.

If McCain wins, I'm moving to Australia.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...


Omigod, if he wins you totally should move to Australia-- no, I'm serious, everybody's doing it!
I met my two closest friends here through my blog and the Yanks Down Under Website. No seriously, I need more friends here :0. No pressure.

Gypsy said...

Oh, you are so right on about his look. It cracked me up.

And yahoo for getting the insurance stuff sorted so quickly.

Ty Gunner said...

John came across as one angry Grandpa, just short of waving his fits in the air.

Brad and Angelina have offered their castle in France as a retreat if the Republicans steal the election. I already claimed my bedroom. : )

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gypsy- I know I felt like I'd won the lottery when that claim was so easy. Yeah, poor McCain, you can almost feel bad for him.

Ty- They offered it to you too?

Ali said...

smash shop, that's a funny name. I think McCain was in the defensive seat all the time and had nothing new, just his personal attack on Obama. Then who the hell is Joe the Plumber? Does he represent all of America, how about we start questioning Corporate America that is sucking the Tax peyrs money

Tors said...

Fewer lawsuits and more trustworthy people in New South Wales?? LMAO puh-leeeeeease!!! (no offense intended, guys, but my in-laws work for the NSW Dept of Justice and they certainly have no shortage of stories! And let's not forget the circus that is the NSW state government! Iguana-gate, drunk underwear dancing parties, Bob Carr?! ha ha ha)

Anyway, I think Australia does insurance right, period. We had the same experience with getting my son's chipped tooth examined on our dental insurance. All they did was swipe our Medibank card and it was paid. Easiest transaction ever.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Ali- Right on-- doesn't really matter who Joe the Plumber is-- he doesn't represent the population at large, obviously!

Tors- See and I knew nothing of NSW government chaos, thanks for the heads up on that.