Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got Nads?

A couple of years ago my mom attempted to teach me how to use this:


I had almost forgotten Nads is an Australian product, damn law of attraction-- I waxed my legs and now I live in Australia. You can't stop that stuff.

Sadly, I wasn't good at it then, and apparently I'm even more horrible at it now.

It seems that Original Nads and Strawberry Scented Nads are softer and formulated to be used without warming, however Sangria Punch Scented Nads needs to be heated prior to application. The stuff was pretty stiff when I tried smearing it on the first leg, it never occured to me that it needed to be warmed, so I just kept on keepin' on.

Seriously dude, sometimes I am an incredible dumb ass.

Lesson learned: Overly ambitious, would-be self waxers should not be permitted to walk out of a store with waxing paraphenalia. In the wrong hands DIY waxing produces nearly identical results to rugburn topped with an acid peel.

Make no mistake, there is a reason this should be left to the professionals.



Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I think I would want to drink the sangria punch one...

Formerly Fun said...

Rugburn and acid peel, perfect. I haven't tried Nads. Just remember, practice makes perfect. I started out as a sales trainer for television and learned to wax cause I was cheap, now I own a spa, laws of attraction indeed.

Marvin the Martian said...

As a loyal hubby, I'm not going to shave my legs, and therefore I'm not going to ask my darling wife to shave or Nair or wax or whatever. I love her as she is. And she loves my furriness as it is.

But since you're determined... is a razor so bad?

floridagirlinsydney said...

DPH- Yes, I was tempted to drink it myself-- except that it was about the consistency of frozen tar.

FF- I don't think my skin could take anymore practicing on it-- although I really need to go back and clean up the aftermath/missed spots.

Marvin- I have no problem with razors, but you cannot achieve the same effect!

elsja said...

A few years ago my boyfriend decided he wanted to use some free nadz he got as a promotion on his nether regions. To his dismay (and that of his friend)he couldn't get it off and his friend/roommate had to help rip it off. Even that wasn't going over well and they needed the advice of a girl. Since it was about 3am Califonia time, they had to call the roommates gf to ask her advice for getting the stuff off. He still has a picture of the ordeal!

Marvin the Martian said...

Oh yeah, "trampy" is the word that always comes to mind. (j/k) ;D

JD at I Do Things said...

NADS! Ha. Hey, I read your post about your redheaded BFF who dropped trou to show you her wax job, but it's not on your site?

JD at I Do Things

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hey Marvin & JD-
I think my blog's gone crazy. I changed my url (dropping the blogspot part) and my last post disappeared and then it started auto emailing my subscribers an old post from July---

I'm going to put it back up now.