Monday, September 29, 2008

Flip Flop Friends with Benefits

Somewhere on the internet (ahem, facebook) there are 3640 people who belong to a group called I don't care how comfortable your Crocs are, you look like a dumbass. I am not one of those people.

I need comfort shoes. I have a foot injury which developed arthritis, this is why I wear only Crocs flip flops most of the year. Now that it's warming up in Sydney (it's a month into Spring here) I've been keeping my eyes open for any potential contenders to pass the torch on to.

So I'm in the mall the other day with my buddy SuperMindy (aka Maine Girl In Sydney), who I met online at Yanks Down Under, a forum for American expats in Australia. At some point we were sucked into the David Jones shoe department by one of those bright red sale signs, marketing at its finest. After sorting through bins of sale shoes I came across a rack of Crocs-esque flipflops, each pair hanging from its toe dividers on a small plastic hanger.

These flip flops had a chunkier, platform style sole and the footbed was a firm, but giving, plastic material. I tried them on and took a couple of steps... foot heaven. They did not let the ball of my foot bend, which is what aggravates my foot situation; they were stylish, and they felt amazing.

There were no prices on the shoes, but it pretty much didn't matter--they were flip flops, how much could they be? I needed them.

They were $99AUD, which as of today equals about $82US. Even though I consider myself accustomed Sydney prices, I still get surprised by things like this or $10.95 for a large can of green chiles.

Anyway, the entire next day I enjoyed the bouncey firm comfort of my new shoes. The weird thing is that half way through the day, my calf muscles felt like I had just jogged about two miles (well I'm only pretending I would know what that feels like). My ass and thighs were feelin' the burn too, it was totally bizarre... in a good way.

The black on black logo on the shoes was difficult to decipher, it looked like Fifflops to me. Couldn't find anything with that name on the internet but I was curious if this shoe had been reviewed by others who felt like they just had a workout after wearing them. I finally searched "shoes exercise calf muscles" and came up with FitFlops, "the flip-flop with the gym built in".

There were tons of reviews saying how amazing these shoes are and I was feelin' pretty proud to have stumbled upon them completely by accident. Damn, I love when I find new stuff that rocks my world. One day I'm going to have the foot surgery but until then, I'll be wearing these.

My new shoes. Sweet, huh?



SuperMindy said...

oh shit, they were so cute too.. now i totally want a pair!!!

Suzy said...

Summer is winding down here in American and I'm now searching for a just as comfy winter shoe. I just may cry putting my fitflops away. There very well worn and loved.

A Free Man said...

I don't care how dumb I look, my Crocs are REALLY comfortable. One of the best things about getting a bit older (the downhill end of my 30s) is I just don't give a toss about being in style anymore. Woo hoo, comfortable shoes.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

SuperMindy- When I go to the US I'm totally getting you a pair for Xmas! I need your shoe size girlfriend!

Suzy- Did you know Fitflops just came out with a winter shoe! I'm having it sent to my house in FL so when I get there (we're going home to visit soon) they'll be waiting for me.

Free Man- I'm a total birkenstocks girl-- have been for many, many years. I can't actually wear the original Crocs style because it hits my foot in the wrong spot, but the athens style is great.

I'm guessing I'll be living in my new Fitflops-- I'm about to buy my husband a pair.

traceyleigh said...

Crocs rule. So do Birk's for that matter. I'm a weird footed girl who needs comfort too. I don't listen to that advice often enough though. Glad you found the perfect pair! But eeek...nearly $100 for a pair of thongs!!!

ps..I knew you would be amused by the prices at Monterey Foods (even if I have no idea how much these things go for in the States)

Suz said...

I am one of those people who don't really care for the crocs.
I also have bad feet. I have fallen arches and if the crocs actually helped and felt good, Then I would actually wear them too. Even if I don't like the way they look.
I have tried the new Fit Flop. They don't give me enough arch support...I wish they did cause I could use more workouts.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

tracyleigh- Even though most things are more expensive here, that particular site is such a specialty place it's supposed to be expensive.
In Florida you could find that in every grocery store probably for less than $3 (I'm guessing)?

Rassles said...

Oh, man, I love making fun of people who wear Crocs. Just saying, I'm that girl.

I'm still trying to get people to realize that "skinny jeans" also look fucking stupid. So you know, my friends are really happy with me when I point and laugh at their pants. They're like, "You do realize that you're the odd one on this, right?"

But fashion shouldn't really listen to me. I wear clothes until they're shreds, comfort above all.

Unless its holey neon clogs.

Oh, and I'm totally checking out those flip flops. Christmas.

O'Neal (The woman in charge around here) said...

Wow, those ARE cute! And a built in exercise? Score! I went through with the foot surgery and found out last Saturday night not only did it not FIX the effin pain in my foot but now I can no longer wear heels! I am sooo going to hunt that Dr down!

Marvin the Martian said...

Very cool! I hope they make your foots feel better!

Deblyn98 said...

DUDE! I saw that group on FB! I am not a huge fan of the Croc myself...but mostly the ORIGINAL ones. The flip flops and subsequent 'real' shoes they have produced aren't too bad. Thanks for all your comments on my it! Although I am thinking bout disabling comments after what happened with you-know-who! Check out FB....I posted a gazillion (almost!) pix from our senior yearbook...HA!!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Rassles- See now I thought the skinny jeans were only big in Australia now-- that's what happens isolated on the other side of the world. Whateves. Dude, you gotta get the flops, I can't take them off.

Oneal- I wonder if we have similar foot probs-- I can't wear heels either.. now that I think about it, if you've got any foot problem you probably can't wear heels.

Deb- Saw the photos and untagged my yearbook dedication page-- too many bad memories-- personally if you wanted to delete that one I'd be thrilled. Thanks. Btw- what's the point of turning off comments?

Deblyn98 said...

You got it babe! Deleting now. Sorry to hear that...thought it a nice dedication, but obviously there is more to the story than what appears. No worries! Just don't want that crazee girl to post on my blog again...but things seem to be OK with her...for now! BTW...she DID finally apologize to me...but only after my ex threatened to never see her again! Oh and she still reads my!

Natasha said...

I know some people swear by Crocs, so I bought a pair just like in your top picture when I was home last year- purple and white, very cute. I wore them ONCE and was in agony for a week after. I had horrible blisters between my toes, and this from a girl who wears thongs regularly (Aussie thongs that is, let's clarify that). What size do you wear? I think mine are a 7. They are all yours if you want them!!! I can bring them to the lawn bowling meet-up.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Hey Natasha,
Thanks for the offer-- not my size, but I appreciate it. I cannot believe you got blisters from them-- that sucks.

And I won't be at the lawn bowling thing-- it's not a workable time for us with the kids and all.

But I do hope to meet all of you at some point!

Gypsy said...

I wondered if those things worked. You'll have to let us know if you firm up from wearing them.

I wear my Crocs around the house, but not outside much unless I'm just running out somewhere. But my fiance wears them every day -- he's a chef, and they are great for kitchen work.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I am a member of the crocs group on FB. I just don't understand those shoes. At all. My punk came home from her grandma's with a pair and I threw them away...

JD at I Do Things said...

They're cute! Not Croc-like at all! I was thinking to myself as I was reading, These sound like those FitFlops that are all the rage. And they are! I wanna get a pair now. I have some feet issues but I refuse to heed the Call of the Croc . . . for now.

JD at I Do Things

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gypsy- I've been wearing them about 5 days now and I love them, totally feel they are working out my legs-- I figure it's better than doing nothing (my usual exercise routine).

DPH- What? Crocs aren't sexy enough for you right? Have you seen those super ugly ass wedge heeled ones--even less attractive than the originals. But seriously, didn't you just throw away your punk's cause your mom bought them?

JD- You must get some. I cannot believe my luck of buying these having never heard of them. They are so amazing and comfortable. You even feel like you're standing straighter in them.

Corrina said...

I've heard of those! I've wondered if they work... According to your lower half, they do. Awesoem!

Corrina said...

Um, I can't spell awesome. LOL

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

They are awesome and pretty cute for flipflops too.

Ty Gunner said...

Soooo need to look into these. We might have similar feet issues; I had the surgery two years ago...totally sucked. Imagine not being able to walk for two weeks (had both done at the same time), better yet don't imagine...not a pretty site.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

They have mens fitflops-- I 'm going to get my husband some. So what was your foot surgery for??

Ty Gunner said...

Arthritis in both of my feet was locking the mobility with my big toes. It appears arthritis is the cause of excessive bone development in the joints and I was not able to bend them without breaking something. There is an official big medical name for this, I just don’t remember. The surgery is only a temporary solution. I will probably need this again in 20 years.
Lucky me!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Ty the Guy- That's the same thing I have basically-- I kicked my big toe into something years ago and it got arthritis and a bone thing.

I've heard the surgery is worse recovery than they make it out to be, and that it can come back too.

Ty Gunner said...

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, yet this had me popping pills religiously every 3 hr and 40 minutes. It take 15 to take effect and I did not want to face life without them.

BTW- not "can" come back but "will".

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I've got the high tolerance too-- that's why I got my blog reviewed, hahaha.

So it definitely comes back huh?
That sucks.