Monday, June 9, 2008

Cupcake Decorating and OCD

There's no yellow cake mix in Australia-- but last month Myer department store had a "3 weeks in NY" themed promotion, in which they were selling all kinds of stuff imported from the U.S.
Here were my purchases:
  • Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix $8.95 - It's one of those "you don't know what you've got, until it's gone" things, because I had no appreciation for yellow cake mix in the U.S. and now I'll spend $9 for a box of it.
  • Lucky Charms (a big-ass box of it) $14.00- I have never bought these before-- ever, and I'm sure we'll never actually eat them all-- not sure what the hell I was thinking.
  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix- a bargain at $2.25 a box, I was feeling really good about that one :)-- don't worry I really do know it costs only 25 cents in the U.S.

We chose cupcakes as form in which our precious yellow cake mix would come to life.
And I made frosting--a skill I just can never seem to properly grasp.

The cupcakes took forever to cool, I was totally over it and gave the boys unfrosted, still warm "muffins" (they only qualify as "cupcakes" when they are topped, right?), and refrigerated my famous not-so-delicious-looking buttercream frosting.

Now I've mentioned before that late afternoon is a difficult time for us. Usually on the way home from preschool, my younger one is basically in meltdown mode. He doesn't want to walk to the car, he wants cake (and is letting all surrounding Sydneysider pedestrians know it--and yes, I do know for a fact that they are all looking at me and thinking- obnoxious American and her out of control kid), or he's unleashing some other chaotic antics. But this day, when I announced that we were having cupcakes after dinner-- he got his shit together in about 1 second, put on his big boy pants, and smiled all the way home. Marvelous parenting technique, right? Cupcake bribery... the good news is that I don't usually cave to his demanding cake and cookies, but today was special.

After dinner I made tiny bowls of 100's & 1000's (that's Australian for "sprinkles") in both the multi-colored dot variety, chocolate jimmies kind, and my frosting-that-is-all-wrong with little spreaders.

And they did an awesome job decorating.

My child who is loves cake and cookies in a obsessive-compulsive kind of way.



Dina said...

The cupcake bribery reminds me of when we were in Disney World last December.

At that time, it was SO hard to get Jack to leave a playground. Always a struggle. These other kids were on the playground and called out something like...."Hey kids! Time to come in and open Christmas presents!"

I was thinking. I WISH we could say that.

I would probably pay 14 dollars for Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms are awesome.

Not sure I'd miss yellow cake. But you never know!!!!

SuperMindy said...

I too bought a box of lucky charms. I <3 Myer and their NYC special they had.

I wish I could have gotten a box of the jiffy corn muffin mix.

kileigh7 said...

You know, I've pulled the "not so great" parenting tack that shuts the kid up and makes him get his garbage in gear and act right. It's just a parent thing.

And will you please let me know if I can ship any of this to you? It's GOT to be cheaper than buying it there!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Kileigh,
My mom actually sends me packages with all my American stuff in them. I order Annie's mac n cheese, Snyders of Hanover pretzel sandwiches, Kashi cereal on, have it shipped to my house in Florida and my mom sends it out. I also order Old Navy and other clothes and do the same thing. But that was so nice of you to offer!!! Thanks!