Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blame it on the Nanny

A few weeks ago my husband asked me "not to let him eat anymore ice cream at night". Let it be known, I am totally not into being my husband's mommy-- so he can either monitor his own ice cream consumption, or eat all the ice cream he can possibly get his hands on-- his choice.

This morning when I spoke to the hubby, he somewhat doggishly told me that "either he-- or the nanny--may have left the freezer open a little last night". Apparently, a ziploc bag got stuck in the door and it had been cracked open all night.

Let it be known that I can get my panties in a wad about some things, and there's no need to get into that long list now... but my freezer melting isn't one of them (go figure?). And if you really, really know me well, you may be privy to my dirty little secret- that I never use anything I put in my freezer (with the exception of frozen peas and corn of course). Yes mom, that's right, the chicken we bought last July was still there-- oh, well- after today it's not.

Anyway, after doing the preschool drop, complete with its own drama and chaos (my older one is going through a tearful dropoff phase), when I got home the whole freezer situation slipped my mind. The good news is, I got a lot of laundry and internetting done- both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. A couple of hours later it came back to me and I opened the freezer to this:

I'm guessing it was actually melted icecubes that formed the icicles, not sure? Note the ridiculous amounts of frozen peas and corn.

But did you notice something missing in that picture? That's right-- the cookies 'n cream popsicle is gone, what a shocker!!! How funny. He did make us popcorn last night, so I'm sure with three or four microwaving minutes to kill, ice cream sounded like a good activity.

So my first idea was-- call him at work and harass him for asking me to be the ice cream police, whilst (that's Australian for "while") he was indulging in his forbidden treats on the sly.

Decided an email would be better.

The email:

"Honey, I know what you did last night. The ice cream is missing, and the freezer is a crystallized mess. But it's really funny that you would try and blame it on the nanny.
Love, Me"

But then I stopped, and then I thought, and then I decided it would be even funnier to write a blog about the whole episode and just let him stumble upon it at some point (he usually checks in a couple times a week). I am so sick- in a silly, silly way.

But the fun doesn't actually stop there, because guess who just got home from school-- our new nanny. Hey now-- don't worry about her-- we hope she eats all the ice cream in the house. We are thrilled to have her with us and want her to help herself to anything she likes-- and hope she understands that- (though I have considered that it may be a good idea to ask a Portuguese translator how to say it in her own language, just to make sure she really understands).

Now of course my hubby had said it could have been either one of them-- obviously, some type of self-protection mechanism he must have thought he needed, pretty transparent, but entertaining.

But before I post the blog, let me just make sure--

Me: How was school?
New Nanny (did I mention she's 20?): Good.
Me: Um, did you by any chance open the freezer last night?
Nanny: Yes, I think I did.
Me: (feeling like a jackass) Did you by any chance eat ice cream?
Nanny: Yes, is that okay?

I seriously could not stop laughing.

She felt really bad about the freezer, I tried to convince her that I really did not care... and please, please-- eat anything anytime! (Coma, coma!-- that is my Portuguese version).

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon imagining my husband hiding out in the kitchen eating popsicles, and using the nanny as his scapegoat.

Ah, the things that amuse.



Dina said...

I think this was my favorite of your blog entries yet!!! It made me laugh so much. You're just too funny.

YOU GOT A NANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so thrilled. I'm surprised you didn't send out a mass email to everyone with the news. Or have it written on the skies in Sydney. Although I guess I would have missed that since I'm not there.

I'm so happy for you!!!!!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Doesn't everyone take 11 months to "find the right nanny"? Ha ha. But yes, it's working out great. She's in English school during the day and helps me in the afternoon (aka witching hour/s) with the kids.

And I think it does give us a better sense of security that at least we have someone here to help-- it's been really hard with no family here-- well you know.

So get back here now, now, now my wanna be australian cousin.

Jill said...

i am feel so lucky that i got to obsessively talk to you on the phone through the unveiling of all these events. and yet it was seriously just as funny reading it all after the fact. you funny.

Kay said...

This made me chuckle - I never eat anything i out in the freezer accpet the chicken nuggets (kids) and ice cream (again kids).

I wold love t see your blog posted at :)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Kay- Thanks! I went to herblogdirectory and listed, but I got error messages 2x and the 3rd time it showed I needed to pay $5.

I did add the link back to your website-- can you confirm if you show my blog listed there now?

Thanks so much! Good luck with your directory-- it looks great!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hey Kay--I think it went???
And I did get my recipedia blog listed on there for sure!

The Gnu said...

oh i can't stop laughing and there are tears running down my face. that is hilarious. oh, i'm getting strange looks now. i'm glad you found a nanny! did she fly in with an umbrella? she did, didn't she

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gnu- Haha-- you haven't gotten to the next story about her, then you'll really be crying and laughing -- well maybe not.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gnu- 1st read my July 23 post, then follow it up with my July 30th-- it will surely make you laugh and cry-- maybe?