Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Preschooler Night Life Scene in Sydney

Back in Florida we had these well known toddler spots (Gymboree, Little Gym, etc.)-- and they were okay, but if you weren't signed up for a weekly class at $200-400 per term, or invited to a party-- you not going.

So in Australia there are these places, some of which are fantastic, where you can just pay and play, and parents can somewhat chillax... well somewhat, well let's be real, you can follow your kids around while holding one of their lovely lattes and pretending to relax.

Through both preschool birthday parties and just venturing out we have hit the following indoor play places:
  • Lollipop Land at Fox Studios- Was there for a birthday party, it was being shut down for renovations the following week and no doubt they really needed it.
  • Bay Play- We went for a birthday party- very small old place, we felt like taking a hot Purell shower after.
  • Little Dynamos- Just went for fun- a pretty good place, though very chaotic.
  • Wizzy World- Went for a birthday party, and had to go back the next weekend because it was so fun. Basically brand new, very nice. By far our favorite (favourite) place.
Here's a video from the birthday party we went to at Wizzy World. My boys are in the turquoise shirt and red shirt. After the kids get to play on the insanely large structure thing, they take you upstairs--- where the REAL party begins... see video below. Be sure to watch the one in the red shirt at the end when he busts out his signature move.

This is the ginormous play structure at Wizzy World, which was merely a warm up for the disco party and cake-fest. By the way, there is more playstuff under the big ass thing above, and there is a separate play area for kids under four years old.



Tors said...

Now *that* looks like a fun place! Where is Wizzy World?

floridagirlinsydney said...

It's in Chatswood.. I think that's North Sydney.

Tors said...

Ahhh yeah, we know Chatswood very well... my husband worked at a shop in the Victoria St Mall for 7 years. Wizzy World must be new.

Thanks for mentioning it, we'll be sure to have a look next time we go back. Always looking for places to entertain the kiddos. :-)