Friday, May 23, 2008

Babycino Mania

I had said in a previous post that Starbucks shareholders should take legal action against the company for neglect. How is it possible that an entire country, specifically Australia, can serve Babycinos (expresso size cup with frothed milk & cocoa sprinkled on top) at $2-4 a clip-- but the biggest beast of a coffee shop chain, which offers coffee made/combined in so many ways it makes your head spin, hasn't added Babycinos to their menu?

Did they forget that stay at home moms are Starbucks number one market. Btw- that is actually a fact. Those executives must not have kids-- because if they did, they would know that our kids are dying to hold that Starbucks cup, and even better- drink out of it. And you know, the first time Starbucks serves one of those puppies to your kid, you're never getting out of the green monster again without a toddler sized designer beverage. Can you imagine what that would mean for Starbucks' bottom line? Can you imagine what the husbands will think about having to double the Starbucks entry on the budget spreadsheet? Aaah, anything to see a smile on that adorable child's face.


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suzinoz said...

I've just found your blog and I have wondered this very same thing for quite awhile now. I'm a Texan living in Oz and my two kids love their baby chinos. When we go home to Texas I have to tell them there are no baby chinos in America. They struggle with this. During the most recent trip I tried to school several different Starbucks employees in the art of the Baby Chino so my kids could enjoy their favourite treat--we had varying success and they all looked at me with a WTF? look. Some were better sports than others, but my kids were never truly satisfied. Those folks at Starbucks are missing an entire demographic...

Another one we always wonder about is Tim Tams...why aren't those in America? Haven't met anyone who doesn't like them.