Friday, May 16, 2008

Food Week Continues- Easy Way Tea

Why is Easy Way Tea so damn good? Why do I have to drink one every day? Why do I love sucking tapioca balls and hard little pieces of jello (known in Australia as "jelly") up an abnormally large straw? I don't know.

I am so freaking lucky that there is an Easy Way Tea right near the kids preschool, and with my Easy Way Card every ninth delicious chewy drink is free. And when my kids are unfortunate enough to be dragged across town every Saturday and Sunday so we can get our daily fix, there's a "tea-free" Easy Way slushie in it for them... they don't even know or care that we ask for only one squirt of fruit flavored syrup in theirs-- they're all about having the same cup as me.
Ah, the innocence.

I finally ventured out from my normal Pineapple black tea with half the syrup, no sugar, and pearls to --- Green apple green tea with half the syrup, no sugar, and aloe vera balls. Um, if you are thinking I am high maintenance you should hear my husband order dinner, k?

The barely flavored slushie and my cutie.



Cecily R said...

I don't know much about tea (don't drink it), but that shot of your little one is ADORABLE. I know that. :)

floridagirlinsydney said...

I know nothing about tea too- this is probably fake tea. It's all about the other stuff in it!
Thanks for noticing the cuteness of my child-- he is even cuter in person!

Tors said...

Is that anything like bubble tea? It was kind-of-a fad when I first moved to Oz and I remember tons of places selling it (including one that was actually called, "Bubble Tea"). Unfortunately I never tried it - shhh! ;)

Anyway, cute pics!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Yes-- bubble tea. We had a place in Texas.. but not as good as the Sydney chain. It's kind of an obsession. If you like iced tea you would probably love it. I don't get the kind with milk in it-- so it's basically iced tea with snacks in it.

kileigh7 said...

mmm...sounds like a good Boba (or bubble) tea to me!

MMMM! Pass some of that this way!

and for the record, my son is hooked on them too. I got some over at the mall a few weeks ago, and it was just mmmmm...and of course...the 4 year old attempting to steal it.

catherine said...

is there any way to do it yourself?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Catherine- I just arrived for 7 weeks in Florida and I wish there was a way to make this myself!

Princess said...

Try green apple green tea!! it is very nice. abit sour and sweet ^^

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Hi Princess, I'm all about the green apple tea- I switched to that flavor about a year ago-- with aloe and rainbow jelly. I actually just drank one and will probably be up all night now!