Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fiesta Australia

My husband and I both grew up in South Florida eating amazing Cuban food.

We moved to Dallas, and had great Mexican restaurants on every corner.

We moved to Australia and thus began our Spanish food drought. And it's bad. Really bad.

But last week my organic delivery service began carrying canned black beans! I was so freaking excited, and more than ready to make one of our favorite Cuban dishes, Bistec de Pollo (boneless thin chicken breast grilled with onions, served with black beans and rice).

It was so good that the next night (which happened to be date night), we were all about finding good Mexican food. We had previously gotten take-away from a place in Randwick which was supposed to be the real deal, Mexican owner and all. And it was okay, but we were hoping to find something mas delicioso... and we did-- Cafe Pacifico.

Hidden upstairs on a dead end street in Darlinghurst was this loud, colorful restaurant that smelled like real Mexican food. The place was busy. There was a large party of about 25-30 drunk Australians at one long table and they were going all out in Mexican party mode. They broke out tequila shots, flung a pinata-on-a-rope over the rafters and started swinging like maniacs. We were fully enjoying the complimentary entertainment.

So here's the verdict on our latest quest for Mexican food in Sydney.

Cafe Pacifico, Darlinghurst
The good... salsa was excellent, fajitas were very good, shredded beef chimichanga was very good, guacamole was really good.

The mediocre... the tortilla chips were kind of thick and seemed a little stale. The flour tortillas were a little soggy, but not terrible. And the drinks were overpriced and not as good as we make at home.

The good far outweighed the bad, and we'll probably have to go back again this weekend.
Hasta luego.



Donnycon said...

Hope you are having a good time in Australia

Marilou said...

Hi Floridagirlinsydney!
Another American in Oz-I'm in South Australia.

Tors said...

Hey, did you guys ever make it to that other Mexican place in Sydney... what's it called again... Aztecas? I think you mentioned it on YDU somewhere. Or maybe that was the one you got takeaway from?

Anyway, glad to hear a real review about Cafe Pacifico. I've heard of it before but don't know anyone who's actually been there (and cared to write about it). I'd love to take the huz there next time we're in Sydney.

floridagirlinsydney said...

We were planning on Azteca's, (and had gotten okay takeaway from there before)-- but decided to try Cafe Pacifico at the last minute instead-- and it was really better! You need to let me know when you are coming to Sydney and we'll meet you there-- I live about 10 minutes away.

Audra said...

Check out the Baja Cantina on Glebe Point Road. Best Mex I've had here yet. Mind you, not Dallas good, but they make some nice salsa and have tasty corn products.