Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love the Word "Brekkie" and other things I like in Australia

I really love some of the nicknames Australians have for things. In particular I like the word "brekkie" in place of "breakfast".

I am sometimes weirded out that my husband comes home saying really Australian things to me like "no worries", "good on you", and "how are you going?". It just sounds very strange coming out of his mouth-- especially since he's speaking to me.

I also am a big fan of these straws you buy at the grocery store which have little beads of either chocolate, strawberry, caramel, or cookies and cream flavoring. You drink your milk through the straw and they flavor it, instead of adding syrup like we grew up with. Now personally, I'm not a milk drinker, but my kids really like them. As a bonus, they have only 1/2 a gram of sugar per straw, and no artificial flavorings or preservatives--which amazes me because I would have thought they were pure chemical joysticks o' flavor.



The Gnu said...

haha i almost expected you to talk about a honey ham flavoured straw!
i love all your older posts and your take on Australia! i just have to comment on all the posts now! lol

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Omigod, that ham flavored straw sounds absolutely disgusting-- but my kids would probably be all over that--haha.