Thursday, August 13, 2009

City to Surf 2009

This is how my husband and kids saw me as we watched our third City to Surf Race.

August 2009 by you.
My five year old took this photo.

And this is exactly as I saw them most of the morning...

City to Surf 2009 by you.

The previous two years we were able to walk about two blocks from our house to our special spot and watch the runners go by. This year we drove and for fear of being trampled, stayed about an hour longer than our four year old could really handle. Fortunately my children did not expire before I was able to get some photos and video of the event.

People running. People running wearing bunny oufits and superhero costumes, and shirts with messages on them. 70,000 people ran this year, and once again the metal band played upon the balcony of The Golden Sheaf Hotel. The crowd is jamming out and cheering on the runners... and walkers... and people wearing neon leg warmers.

Here's a taste of City to Surf 2009 as seen from the sidelines:

The first pack of people running through with a police escort.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
For my four year old it's all about the runners dressed up as superheroes.

City to Surf 2009 by you.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
This is my favorite photo. Wait, let me translate for the Aussies, this is my favourite photo.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
The band at the Golden Sheaf Hotel (did you know "hotel" means "bar" in Australia?).

City to Surf 2009 by you.
What ever floats your boats girlfriends.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
I'd bet $100 this is what my sister would have worn.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
Is that Fidel Castro?

City to Surf 2009 by you.
A better perspective of the scene.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
The five year old following in my footsteps.

And the day would have been even more pleasant had our four year old not been on teetering between complete meltdown and inappropriate silliness. Times like this make me glad we were surrounded by strangers, but still we bribed him with food.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
Banana bread being shoved into cranky, whiny mouth. And don't they all look so ready to leave?

When the runners finally trickled to an end, and we no longer feared being trampled, we headed back to the car. Where we parked there was the cutest little old mailbox, how could I pass this by without putting a cute four year old next to it and snapping away?

City to Surf 2009 by you.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
See you next year City to Surf. Maybe we'll actually be participants?

Oh wait-- there's one more thing....
How is it possible that this shot randomly showed up on my camera-- not a photo I remember taking at all...

City to Surf 2009 by you.
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but this shirt looks like it probably says Delray Beach-- which is close to my hometown and a city I actually lived in for a while. Crazy, crazy I tell ya.

City to Surf 2009 by you.
Peace out.



Anonymous said...

You silly chicken - hotel does NOT mean bar in Australia. its just that many hotels have dedicated bars, and the bars often become the most prominent feature about the hotel.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Anonymous- Well I knew that there were hotels that you can actually sleep at too, but there are hotels that are just bars, right? like the Golden Sheaf? Or is that wrong-o?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

And hey- who you callin' a frickin' chicken?

Teresi Family Oz Blog said...

Awesome post and photos! Make me wish we would have dragged our lazy bums out of bed that morning.

Jenny said...

Love the photos. And bribing with food is okay in my book. Especially if it's banana bread.

DarNonymous said...

Really great photos! Lived in Oz all my life & never been to C2S, your photos make it actually look kinda fun!
You know, for 4 years I was a 'Hotel' Manager *translation* a Pub with a second level of 2 star accommodation. I wouldn't even know what the definition of a Hotel is in Oz, I think any place that has accommodation & a bar maybe?!!

JD at I Do Things said...

Awesome photos (I especially love the last one). This looks like fun, tho as a spectator not a participant. How far do they run? I could get into the costume part if I didn't have to run. Do they let people just kind of straggle behind?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Ana- Next year I'll put more pressure on you :).

Jenny- I know, better than Freddo frogs-- that's only when we need the big guns.

Darnonymous- But there are "hotels" near me with no "hotel rooms"??

JD- People come from all over the world to run this race-- it's 14km, I think that's about 7 miles. It goes from the city to Bondi Beach and I did see some stragglers. If you come next year we totally have a guest room.. though we do require clothing...

Kristie said...

What's with the superhero costumes and such? Just something fun to add to the race? Looks like a good time.

I'd love to see photos of you all participating next year. Whatever will you wear? :)

Brutalism said...

That race looks like a blast. Great pics!

COPHstudent said...

jajajaja only a true miami chick would guess castro before saying saddam or the ayatollah or whatever.

=D you did mention you went to USF, which department do you friends work in?

Rosangela Silva said...

My favourite pic is the 'peace' last one, but the one with the smily old lady is great as well! Loved all the photos!

Rosangela Silva said...

Btw, bars are called hotels because in the past, when licensing laws were very strict, pubs had to offer accommodation to get a license to sell alcohol. Many times they just changed the name to accomplish with the new legislation. I wrote some more in my blog:

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Kristie- Well I don't know what I'd wear-- but my four year surely will be in full costume.

Brutalism- Thanks!

COPH- Google images of Fidel, there's no mistaking, it could only have been him! My friend/s worked in the same dept you're in. Veronica-- can't remember last name but last I heard she was still there?

Rosangela- Good explananation, thanks!

hereinfranklin said...

Hah--my mother and her family used to spend the winter in Delray Beach when she was a little girl.

Marvin the Martian said...

Excellent pix as always. And nice new logo too!

Corrina said...

I LOVE photo posts!! You're kids are so cute I seriously want to throw up. Too damn cute. Just sayin'.

Kristi said...

I love the photo with the mailbox and the gate, and little boy too!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Hereinfranklin- Yeah, it's where all kids go to visit their grandparents. You should see the drivers license renewal office-- there's no one under 85 yrs. old. And one after another they fail the vision test. It's scary.

Marvin- Thank you and thank you.

Corrina- My BFF always says our kids are so cute playing together she wants to punch them in the head.

Kristi- Thank you!

nursemyra said...

My youngest son was conceived after a night at the Golden Sheaf

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Nursemyra- And it's a hotel that doesn't even rent rooms, right?

Marketing Mama said...

Wow, great pictures! And I love your new header! :)

Anonymous said...

I think "Fidel Castro" looks kind of like Osama's right hand man (you know, the one they "killed.") Maybe the dude is just livin' it up in Sydney...enjoying the sausage rolls and vegamite! ;-) Your Friend, MWB :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Marketing Mama- Thanks and thanks!

MWB- So glad to see you comment on here, it's a real validation of doing this blog when people like you tell me they enjoy reading it. Thanks girlfriend.

Gypsy said...

Such great shots!

American in Norway said...

Awesome pictures... looks like a blast.. (I am at work & couldn't listen to your hubbys video, but it looks cute...- I'll check it out when I get home...: )

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gypsy- Thanks!

American in Norway- Thanks and the video is really funny, I highly recommend it!

A Free Man said...

Great shots! A friend of mine went over for that race.

Speaking of which, when sprog #2 comes through we're going to have to come over to SYD to get him his American citizenship. Want to get together then? (Probably sort of October)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Freeman- Of course we'd like to get together when you're in Sydney-- and I know Aussie Erin would also, she's a fan of yours!

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

Laura- your photos are beautiful. I am so impressed. Seriously- really really good!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jill- Thanks sis.