Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sydney Marathon Family Fun Run with Kids

Almost At the Bridge by you.
Yes, those are my children wearing the stuffed animal backpack leashes and jogging across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Kids on leashes? Yeah, don't be judgin'.

6am- I heard my three year old singing and having a party in his room. We needed to leave the house by 6:45 if we were going to be on time for the Sydney Marathon's Family Fun Run we were attempting this morning. Yes, I know that's funny, they should really check credentials before allowing people like us sign up for this kind of stuff.

I rolled over in bed to turn off the baby monitor. I grabbed the monitor, slung it toward myself and was suddenly soaking wet; I had grabbed my big gulp size cup of water instead of the baby monitor. Wow, that sucks.

For a brief moment I considered perhaps this was a sign of the chaos to come, a 4K run/walk with two preschool age boys which begins waking up drenched in my own stupidity is bad. But I quickly dispelled that negative energy and began visualizing how great this was going to be.

With the largest double stroller in the world, we conquered two train stations-- one of which had no elevators. The four of us jogged, walked, and puttered across the Sydney Harbor Bridge, exiting onto the the Cahill Expressway, then hesitantly merging into the stampede of full-blown Sydney Marathon runners approaching the finish line.

I got into bed tonight sore, exhausted, and feeling pretty damn proud.

This expat thing has been difficult, but I can finally feel it becoming easier-- and at times, somewhat rewarding. Even more importantly, I was happy the wet spot in my bed was dry... some of you may know how that is.

Photos from Sydney's Races/Marathons today, all ending at the Sydney Opera House:

The Final Stretch by you.
The stampede, just a few hundred meters from the finish line.

Sydney Marathon 2008 by you.
This is the roundabout directly in front of the Sydney Opera House.

  by you.

Run Run Run by you.
Our four year old who "won" the race, he totally fell for the whole "everybody's a winner" thing.

Running Over the Sydney Harbor Bridge by you.
My husband and boys midway across the Sydney Harbour Bridge; one of them getting the ultimate view.



Suz said...

What a fantastic accomplishment.
Do they have this every year?
What a great memory maker for your kids...even if they Don't remember,you have pictures as proof.
Looks like a fun adventure.

SuperMindy said...

Looks like a great time!!

A Free Man said...

Goodonya (to use the local parlance), a fun run of any length with two little ones in tow is an accomplishment.

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

This is so cute Laura. I am proud too. I wish i could have been there.

Maggie, Dammit said...

"drenched in my own stupidity" - HA! I love it. :)

Looks like you've made some good memories here!

floridagirlinsydney said...

They do have it every year and we will definitely do it again next year. It was so crazy trying to snap photos while pushing the double stroller and briskly walking that I cannot believe the photos came out!

Next year, it's a date. Can't wait to do this with you guys!

I had no idea that's how you spell that! Ha ha, I love it. By the way, last week we booked our first trip back to Florida. I cannot believe it will have been 18 months by the time we go. Would love to know if you've been back.

Jill- You totally suck monkey balls for not being here. Love ya.

Maggie- I couldn't have even imagined how much memory making stuff we'd be doing here. I've been It's gradually appreciating it more and more.

Tors said...

Hey, I've got a couple of those leashes too. It's funny - before I had kids, I said, "OMG, how can anyone do that?!", and now I say, "Hey, that's a really good idea." LOL

Goodonya doing the Bridge run thingie. It was all over the news up here. Did you see any celebs? Apparently there were a few doing the family one too.

Corrina said...

Ok the big gulp thing did suck... LOL and I'm tired from having read that post. Good for you for being an early rising accomplisher!

Is that a word?

floridagirlinsydney said...

Tors- I didn't see any celebs at the run... however, I have seen Nicole Kidman at our little coffee shop- this past Easter she was there with her kids and her sister's kids!
Btw, it was the first time in about 18 mos. we broke out the backpack leashes-- we were scared they'd just take off running with the crowd-- and now we know, they definitely would have!

Corrina- It's probably for the best that I spilled the drink all over myself-- or I may have never gotten up that early.

JD at I Do Things said...


Oh, wow. I was just about to write "Good on yer," when I saw, to the left, that "a free man" had already said "Goodonya"!


Anyway, good for you! It looked like a lot of fun, despite getting off to a wet start.

JD at I Do Things

Marvin the Martian said...

Lovely pictures! And a great family outing! Thanks for taking us along.

The leashes are a great idea. I'd like the leash+muzzle set for some kids I know.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

JD- I felt pretty proud--I've been bragging all week.

Marvin- Last year I thought I really needed a muzzle attachment for my kids-- but we successfully got past that phase.

rachelhenwood said...

I have the same backpack for my 2 year old son.

Trouble is when he wears it he tends to drop to his knees and grow roots when he doesn't want to move and I have to carry him by his monkey tail!

Looks like fun over there on the other side of Oz. It's much quieter here in Perth.. but with 2 kids and a Spoodle to contend with there's always plenty to write about on my blog!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

RachelHenwood- I want a labradoodle! I'm not sure if we should get one before or after we move back to the U.S. What poodle is the spoodle?

I hate having to use the backpacks, but funny enough-- my kids don't mind them at all, actually they really like them. Luckily this is the first time in a year I've gotten them out.

JT said...

Love the way you woke up! I may have done that a time or two myself :)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Jt- And here I thought I was the only one.