Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekly Battle of the Choirs--why, why, why???

While it's hard to watch, it's also entertaining in a this-is-so-corny-it-should-be-illegal kind of way.

So I assumed everyone would want to know what kind of bizarre hilarity was being belted out on this week's Battle of the Choirs!

I actually think the commentary is funnier than the singing!



katy said...

i just received your comment about muffin tin meals, but i'm writing because I'd love to know all about your expat life. my husband received (and accepted) an offer to move to Luxembourg. . . we'll likely be leaving in the fall. i'm absolutely terrified, but this is something we've always talked about doing. our girls are 4.5 and 2. my email is:

I'll also read through your blog, but probably won't get far tonight as it's 11:00pm here.

thanks so much -

The Taskers said...

That is still so wrong on so many levels - but I love it! Keep it coming each week! Are those commentators for real - they actually like it so much they want to run up and join them? AUGH!

Unknown said...

This show is so bad... its good.
I think ive seen every episode... wow thats a slighty depressing thought!

Thanks for the comments on my blog!