Friday, July 4, 2008

When Doctors Suck

I've been sick on and off for the last month-- which, when you have two kids in preschool is not unusual. But a couple of days ago I started really feeling like crap.

I tried to get an appointment to see one of the several doctors I like at the practice in my neighborhood, but they were all booked. Of course, the only one available was this guy I had taken my little one to a while ago who was a real jackass (hmmm, I wonder why he wasn't fully booked- right-- guess I'm not the only one who wasn't a big fan).

So I reluctantly took the appointment, I was just feeling was too sick to wait another day. This guy is probably in his mid 60's, wears very ugly shoes, and just gives me a weird vibe--
I'm guessing one day I'll see him on the news for something illegal or immoral.

I enter his office, he says nothing. Silence. We both sit down- he looks kind of smug, yet strangely nervous. Still silent. And I'll admit, at this point I may have been giving off that don't fuck with me vibe. When I become annoyed there is this aura which somehow overtakes my being-- it's pretty unmistakable, and could potentially make someone feel a wee bit uncomfortable.

We're still in silence--

Okay... I guess I'll start.

I'm like, "I think I have an upper respiratory infection. Blah, blah, blahbity, blah."
He just stares at me blankly, and more silence.
I felt like he was trying to pull the old whoever speaks first, loses sales technique on me. And I'm thinking... wtf-- I'm sick as a dog and you're acting like a freak.

He finally broke out the stethoscope--
Triumphantly, he declared that I had pneumonia, and gave me the license to obtain Amoxicillan.
First thing that entered my mind--- obviously, I need a second opinion, he's an idiot.
He advised that I needed to come back for a follow up next week.
I advised the receptionist to make my follow up with someone else.

And by the way, I'm pretty sure he was right on with the diagnosis-- but I still don't like him.

My boys giving "Baby Jaguar" a check up... they told me the yellow cell phone was the x-ray machine! They were so cute trying to make me feel better today.



Dina said...

That's very creepy.

I hate when people are like that.

I hope you feel better!!!!!

floridagirlinsydney said...

And obviously me swallowing the broken pill which said "swallow whole- do not break" didn't do me in... thank goodness, or else I wouldn't have had the pleasure of going to Dr. Freakypants today.

aWa said...

I hope you'll be better soon !
Get some (a lot of...) sleep, swallow the do-not-break pills (how awwwwwful !) and it should be better...

(yes, french girl still here ;) )

curious servant said...

He does sound weird.

Once in a while I see someone in a business that demands interpersonal skills they don't have and I just wonder... What are you doing here?

Kids are pretty cute. I guess that their little practicing doctor on the stuffed critter did make you feel a little better.

I had pneumonia once. Just thought it was a bad cold or something.

Followed your bread crumbs from Marvin the M.'s place.