Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Island of Sodor Moves back to the Train Table

After a few days of tripping on bridges and knocking over elaborately laid out tracks, you are ready to pick the Island of Sodor up off the floor. We've rebuilt back on the train table. I know it doesn't have the same kind of wow factor as having every piece of Thomas paraphernalia we own spread across the room... but maybe we all need a break from the trains anyway, well obviously, I do.

I think the new Sounds & Lights Recycling Center is what put me over the edge. Damn eBay. I must remember to personally check out in the store any toy with sound effects-- before purchasing it online! Not sure why the geniuses at Thomas headquarters thought a recycling center needed ridiculously loud noises coming out of it, but clearly we are on the path to battery removal on this puppy.


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