Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Construction Zone

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my new Utah Girl in Sydney friend. Alright, I can't even begin to describe how nice it was to talk to someone in such a similar situation to mine. She was really cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day... in fact, it totally made my week. And of course it was a great bonus, that the mini-expats (our toddlers) played together really well too.

Now I must admit, there was a little jealousy on my part that her kids had these insanely awesome-- no seriously-- really, really amazing haircuts--and that she had done them herself! But I got over it pretty quickly, after convincing her to agree to cut my boys' hair. She probably thought I was kidding, but I will definitely be all over that.

And we even got to have this "you're Mormon, I'm Jewish" conversation. Yeah, not really as exciting as it sounds... reason being, for two people from such different worlds, there was a whole lot of common ground. I'm actually thinking about possibly converting--okay, mom- just kidding.

Seriously, the only problem was this... (play the video now-- with sound on)

Yep, everyday for the last 6 weeks I've had to deal with that crazy, I-want-to-jump-out-a-window-and-make-it-stop sound resonating from behind that innocent looking wall. And though it didn't ruin our day yesterday, it's not exactly the kind of thing you want to come back for more of.

Oh, Utah Girl in Sydney-- I hope being subjected to all that noise pollution won't interfere with our new friendship.



madhousewife said...

Good grief, what on earth is that???

I wish I could cut my kids' hair. It would save me the trouble of hauling them out to the salon and making sure the little ones didn't knock all the shampoo and hair gel bottles off the shelves while the older ones were getting coiffed. On the other hand, I like not being responsible for them looking like dorks. My sister is a professional hairstylist, but she lives too far away for me to exploit the relationship.

kileigh7 said...

What the funk is that????

oh, and now that I work for the Big, Green monster, I've put in on the "speak up at starbucks" line for babycinos. Yep. I've put them in as an idea, becuase we so need those!

Cecily R said...

That would make me INSANE. I can't stand it when someone's watch beeps and I can't find it around here.

I tried the whole at home haircut thing. It was not pretty. Clearly I was NOT meant to be a hairstylist.

Natalie said...

Yes, the haircuts, I haven't forgotten! I know you are not kidding, and I am planning on it next time.

The noise was crazy loud, but hopefully they will be done soon for your sake! Obviously it is not an ideal situation for guests, but we're casual!