Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back to Fairy Bread

I am kind of obsessed with this colorful, pretty, and sometimes, tempting to actually eat- Australian birthday party staple-- Fairy Bread.
The weekend of our arrival in Sydney. we were invited to our next door neighbor's for their 3 years old's birthday. Ah, my first taste (literally) of an Australian style preschool birthday party.

The party food:
  • Sausage rolls, not something I would eat on purpose- unless I was having some kind of bizarre craving.
  • Some interesting looking ring-shaped chips (which I eventually learned were of the meat-flavored variety-- we can come back to "Burger Rings" later).
  • That gorgeous Fairy Bread.

Basically, Fairy Bread (I'm capitalizing it because in my world it should be a proper noun) is soft white bread with butter and sprinkles (aka- 100's & 1000's) on top. And in my opinion, now that I have mastered Fairy Bread in my own house when celebrating our 3 year old's birthday-- it's all about buying the right brand of sprinkles. They must be sweet, or else your Fairy Bread will suck.

This is such a lovely (that's my new Australia-speak coming out) birthday party tradition. How is it possible that Fairy Bread has not been discovered internationally?

I have found a link about Fairy Bread from an Aussie living in the UK. She obviously is also shocked that Fairy Bread is not a worldwide phenomenon.

Next, we can figure out why Starbucks hasn't started the "Baby-cino" revolution in the U.S. Their stockholders should sue them for negligence.
More on that later.



Julie said...

I'm going to make fairy bread for some occasion soon! I love it!

Amber said...

Hey, that looks pretty good! There is a chance that we'll be moving to Sydney this year (from California) and just stumbled upon your blog today and I'm really enjoying it!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Amber. Keep me posted on your move. My sister lives in San Francisco. Good luck with your planning-- it's a big deal!

dianeinjapan said...

Fairy Bread--I'd never heard of it! Sounds right up my son's alley, as he adores sprinkles.

Miss Fi said...

Standard fare at Australian children's parties when I was growing up was -

Fairy Bread
Party pies
White christmas
Coconut ice
Ice cream
Chocolate crackles
"Little boys" (cocktail franks), sausage rolls, party pies all served with the obligitory Rosella tomato sauce

My Mum always had us eat healthy food so we would eat the above and return home high and strung out on sugar. It was brilliant

Anonymous said...

LOL, I just found your blog and am commenting on old posts left right and centre!

I totally agree on the babycino thing. But then when we arrived in the US six years ago the coffee shops hadn't hit on the idea of serving food yet, so give them time. And froth served to a child at standard American coffee temperature would be third degree tongue burns waiting to happen.

The Gnu said...

to make really good fairy bread you have to cut the crusts off, otherwise, whats the point. right? lol

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Gnu- I know it's probably so wrong-- but I started making it with a nutella type spread (nut free since we have a nut allergy in the house)-- it's awesome.

The Gnu said...

OH MY GOODNESS if you are still looking for a nanny, sign me up!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Now I'm on the floor laughing!

Amy White said...

I'm living in Australia for the year and just had Fairy Bread! I cannot believe this has not been discovered by the rest of the world. I feel it's my life's work to bring it back the the American masses in 2013. Also, enjoyed your "whinier" blog posts. I mean that in the kindest way--as I feel your pain, sister!