Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Stuff I Read

Expat blogs that make me want to ride a kangaroo:

A Tale of Love Down Under
Elsja's Bloggity Blog
From America to Australia
G'day Y'all
Giggles Down Under 
Gone on a Lucky Country
Grab Your Fork
In an Opal-Hearted Country
Missives Anonymous
The Smith's Australian Adventure
The Whittles Down Under
The Yellow Brick Road
This Australian Life
Wally Down Undy
WTF Mate

Blogs that make me laugh, cry, and/or pee in my pants:

An Alien Mind
Blues of a Waxwing
D.A. Schulman:  Writer/ Ilustrator
I Do Things... So You Won't Have To
Here In Franklin
Here We Go
Notes From the Trenches
Sometimes I Make Lists
The Perfect Ratio

Other places I Spend Time:

Whole Family Wellness
Yanks Down Under