Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sculpture by the Sea Debacle

I had been told not to miss Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi Beach. And I have been absolutely sure I would make it there. But shit happens... and by shit, I mean-- my one friend here, who I have known for many years, had to cancel the day before we were supposed to go. Then I decide, well let's make it a family day with the husband and kids (2 & 4 year olds).

We get there, park at Bondi Beach- of course, instantly get swarmed by five bazillion flies (which I am now an official expert on You cannot really understand the fly situation without seeing it for yourself, but we should all be wearing full-body netting. Sound hot?

Between the flies, and the 1500 stairs up the side of a cliff, we scrapped the whole thing.
We turned around, stopped at the skate park at Bondi Beach, and watched the little Australian kids skateboarding and doing their tricks. My two year old, "captain chaos", in his little baby voice, kept saying "I want that". This kid was ready to skateboard from the time he was born, and I knew this skate park was going to be the best thing he had ever seen-- a mother always knows, right?

Next year I climb the cliff and see the sculptures by myself.


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